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Update 233

7 July 2016
It's about time

Since things slowed down at work, I've been working on the Strawberry game every weekend since January, and it's finally nearing completion (the first chapter that is). I hope to finish it soon, then move on to the Iji update. I know it's taken an unnecessarily long time, so thank you again for your patience. Also, Princess Remedy has been updated to version 1.5 to fix a minor bug, and I added its sprites to the sprite dump on the resources page.

22 November 2015
Small updates

Hyper Princess Pitch and Princess Remedy have received some small graphical updates. I hope to return to my spare time projects next year too, namely the Strawberry game and Iji 1.7, which will include porting it to some version of Game Maker more likely to run on modern systems.

25 June 2015
Status update

The last few months I've been focusing entirely on my job at Ludosity, where we're making Ittle Dew 2 right now. So I'd like to again apologize to those waiting for the Strawberry game - it's still a pretty small game, but I can't really promise anything about its completion date anymore. Rest assured, it's a very important project to me, and I'm hoping to pick it up again as soon as my job settles down a bit.

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