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Hero Core - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia
Normal - Hard - Annihilation - Boss Rush - Hero Forever


This is a sidestory mission available after completing the game on any difficulty. It takes place just before Hero infiltrates the main asteroid base, and none of the bosses in here award any level ups or abilities. All enemies and bosses use their Hard mode patterns, and besides the regular enemies you'll face Silencer, Plasma Hydra, Reaper Drone, Elite and Living Warmachine.

Click here for a bigger, more detailed map (opens in a new window).

Alien computers: Contain ship logs from one of the original inhabitants, which detail the Living Warmachine destroying the ship. Nothing happens when you collect them all, however.

Ship scan: Reveals all bosses and Core computers on your map. This room also has another computer, which informs you that shapeshifting (press down against the ground for five seconds while holding Fire) into a Drone will confuse other Drones. Some find this useful when fighting the Reaper Drone, but it can make the fight far more difficult.

Go to the top-left of this room and start flying right. A hand will appear and take you to a hidden area containing the grave of Trollis, a cat and friend for 16 years.