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Hero Core - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia
Normal - Hard - Annihilation - Boss Rush - Hero Forever

Boss Rush

The Boss Rush is available from the bonus menu after completing the game on any difficulty. You can choose between Normal and Hard Boss Rush, which sets the bosses on their Normal or Hard patterns. Note that if the game slows down, the timer will slow down as well, letting you fire very fast and get incredibly low times.

1: Silencer
You begin the Boss Rush with a Blaster level 3, Blade 3 and Suit 2 - simply fire at the Silencer as soon as it stops to destroy it in no time.

2: Plasma Hydra
I find it easiest to either activate autofire and focus on dodging, or try to get close and use the Blade. On Hard mode, One swipe of the Blade will destroy a Laser head.

3: Reaper Drone
This should be a piece of cake with Blaster level 3. Just keep shooting.

4: Liquid Metal Processor
After destroying the Lurk enemies, position yourself right beside the Processor's outer walls (the ones you have to destroy) and use the Blade to strike both the walls and two of the cores at the same time. Four Blade attacks will be enough. Then quickly move left and destroy the other two cores with four more Blade swipes.

5: Rock Smasher
There are a few ways to damage several cores at once. Either mash both Fire keys to fire left and right at the same time, or fire multiple Expel blasts (up, down, left, right, Fire), or use the Blade to strike two cores at once. The most effective strategy seems to be to mash left and right, however.

6: Grand Mother
No special strategy here, just destroy the Mothers as soon as they appear, until you can damage the cores of the boss itself.

7: Guardian
If you're going for pure speed, ignore the lesser enemies and only attack the Guardian, preferably using well-timed Blade attacks to make hitting its weak point easier. This is extremely difficult to do on Hard mode, though.

8: Star Splitter
This isn't an easy fight if you're under pressure to get a good time, due to the randomness in the Star Splitter's movements. The Blade is useful since you can charge it from a safe distance, then move in from above or below to strike at a weak spot.

9: Elite
Stay close and keep firing. Use the Blade to deflect their Expel bursts, and try to keep both Elites on one side of you so any missed shots may hit the other. While it's possible to move close to an Elite and perform Expel, which deals a lot of damage if you're right next to it, it's not worth it unless you're extremely good or extremely lucky.

10: Eliminator
Like the Elites, the Eliminator has no pattern. Try to stay ahead of its movements while firing. If you're quick, you can get an initial Blade slash in before the Eliminator starts moving.

11: Cruiser Tetron
Once you reach Tetron, the other bosses will have powered you up to Level 10. The only difficulty here is that some of Tetron's movements are random. In his third phase, if your health is high enough, get behind his arm and keep firing at his head to finish the battle faster.

After reaching the goal room, go through the wall on the bottom left for a secret message. There's a hint for this if you open the map after reaching the goal room. The message reads, "This is my love for making people happy. I hide it, as sometimes I think games are nothing to be proud of. Have you proven me wrong?"

These are the times required for each ranking on Normal difficulty. For Hard difficulty, just add two minutes to all the times.
Over 18 minutes:F
Less than 18 minutes:E
Less than 16 minutes:D
Less than 14 minutes:C
Less than 12 minutes:B
Less than 10 minutes:A
Less than 8 minutes:Hero
Less than 6 minutes:Lord of game
Less than 5 minutes:You can stop now
Less than 4 minutes:Seriously
Less than 3 minutes:reallyjoel's dad
The last few ranks aren't supposed to be possible, but I included them anyway. The rank "Lord of game" comes from a difficulty in Tyrian 2000, while "You can stop now" comes from the ultimate rank in Blast Corps.