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Hero Core - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia
Normal - Hard - Annihilation - Boss Rush - Hero Forever


The asteroid is full of Tetron's machines, and most of them respawn as soon as you leave the room. Remember that you only need to fight the ones protecting a door. All hit points and damage values listed are the same throughout all difficulties.

These enemies deal 2 damage on contact.

Drone - 2 HP
The weakest of the weak - they even bounce away when shot. Their pattern gets more unpredictable in Hard mode though.

Reaver - 4 HP
They move fairly fast and try to ram you. Just fly away in a straight line and fire at them.

Crusher - 8 HP
Tougher and faster than Drones, but just as slow to change direction. You need to be constantly on the move when fighting them.

Spew - 1 HP
They can only move in four directions, but frequently fire small shots. They're only dangerous in great numbers.

Turret - 8 HP
They alternate between two kinds of fire, and usually back up bigger machines from a distance. Take them out first before the screen fills up with bullets.

Blomb - 2 HP
These move back and forth across the ceiling, dropping bouncing bombs that are affected by gravity. Once you've worked your way up to them, they're not so tough.

Bolt - 1 HP
Often found in bothersome places. When shot, they split into bullets - use the Blade at close range to dispose of them and deflect the bullets at the same time. On Hard mode, you need Blade level 2 to do this, since they burst into bigger bullets.

Lurk - 8 HP
The top is the only vulnerable part. Fly low, and they'll follow you down - then fly back up and fire. On Hard mode, they also fire small bullets.
Trivia: Named after a song from the original Hero.

These enemies deal 3 damage on contact.

Spawner - 16 HP
Constantly produce Drones, Reavers and Spew to attack you, up to a maximum of 4. On Hard mode, they also fire back in random directions when shot.

Power turret - 16 HP
Simply a bigger turret, they're not as strong as they look. It's a good idea to destroy them first, where possible.

Boltaray - 8 HP
While they can only fly up and down at random, their laser deals 4 damage and is even faster on Hard mode. Try to find cover, or keep your distance.
Trivia: Named after the Swedish phrase "aboltarej", slang for "jag Boltar dig" - meaning "I'm casting Bolt on you".

Battle door - 32 HP
A door that fights back. In fact, its firepower usually outdoes everything else in the room combined. Take the smaller machines out first so you won't be distracted while fighting it.

Chain snake - 8 HP
Only the head is vulnerable, and they like to fly around at random, making them a difficult target. They also try to move away when damaged. One swipe of Blade level 3 is enough, however.

Phaze - 8 HP
Follow you around and try to bump into you. Get one to the edge of the screen, and in true NES style it'll wrap around, buying you some time. On Hard mode, they stop and fire a bullet every time they reach their maximum vertical or horizontal speed, so try to keep them calm.

Soldier - 16 HP
Semi-intelligent machines that alternate between chasing you and flying off in a random direction. It's worth trying to hit them with Blade level 3, otherwise just keep your distance.

Eyespy - 64 HP
Most of them guard the Core zone. If you move inside the spotlight, they start firing rapidly in all directions. Unfortunately, one of them has to be destroyed to reach the Core zone's Generator in Hard mode.
Trivia: named after a level in Tyrian 2000.

These enemies deal 4 damage on contact.

Barrier - Indestructible
They can only be removed by destroying a nearby Generator. If you have a high level and Suit level 3, it's possible to move right through them. It won't work with particularly wide barriers, though, like the ones protecting Tetron's throne room.

Generator - 64 HP
Get used to fighting these, as there are a lot of them. Just stay at a distance, moving slightly up and down to avoid their bullets. Of course, it's not as easy on Hard mode, where they also fire bouncing bombs. Their bomb trajectory slowly rises, before returning to a very low angle. Hide behind cover until then; it's your chance to attack.

Mode - 32 HP
Stay well clear of these, preferably above or below - they can extend their circle of laser-firing spheres through walls, and even fire homing missiles. However, the spheres have only 16 HP and can be destroyed. Get rid of the spheres, and the Mode is pretty harmless.

Hunter - 32 HP
Not to be taken lightly. Every time they fire their laser, they also create a Spew, up to a maximum of 3. Keep destroying the Spews, or you may get overwhelmed, especially if there's more than one Hunter in the room.

Dire viper - 32 HP
Much faster than Chain snakes, they will not be fazed by your weapons and usually charge straight at you, dropping Bolts behind them. The head is the only part vulnerable to damage, so it's easiest to attack when they charge at you horizontally.
Trivia: Named after the Dire Space Viper in Retrobattle.

Mother - 32 HP
Your day at the asteroid just got a lot worse. These flying Spawners' only weak points are the cores in their middles, and they can create a maximum of 3 Boltarays, Chain snakes, Phazes and Soldiers. Focus on the Mother, only taking out the smaller machines if they're starting to fill up the room, since they'll just keep spawning. The level 3 Blade makes it easier to hit their weak point.

Warp eidolon - 32 HP
Easily mistaken for Phazes before they wake up, though they behave mostly the same, flying through walls and wrapping around the edges of the screen. The guns they carry around do the actual fighting, but like the Mode's spheres, the guns have 16 HP and can be destroyed. If you manage to destroy the right guns, the Eidolon will be unable to create more Phazes, but it's more likely to be destroyed itself before that happens.

Annihilator - 128 HP
The big one. Naturally, don't think about fighting them unless there's a door in the room that needs to be opened. The only weak spots are the head and the tail, and when they turn towards the screen, they become invincible. Keep circling them and head for whatever area has the biggest distance between the Annihilator and a wall. They often fire large bullets that shatter into smaller ones, so don't stay too close to the walls either. When an Annihilator starts flashing, it'll move towards the center of the room and rapidly fire giant bullets that deal 4 damage on contact, and 2 damage if you're hit by the shockwave. Just keep circling them when that happens, and wait patiently for your chance to attack.

Terror - Indestructible
These elusive foes appear in certain rooms in Hero Forever mode, waiting to leap out of the walls and drag Hero to the next level while stealing 5 flags. Only the arm will actually damage you though. It's impossible to tell exactly where they're hiding, but they tend to scare all the other machines away from the rooms they inhabit.

Enemy bullets
The second values for the Giga shot concern the explosion caused when it hits a wall. The "Massacre" is the ultimate weapon of the Living Warmachine boss.

  Name Damage Heat Blade level to reflect
Elite shot 1 0% 1
Small shot 1 0% 1
Medium shot 2 0% 2
Bomb 2 25% 2
Big shot 3 0% 3
Missile 3 0% 1 (can also be shot)
Giga shot 4 / 2 50% / 25% Cannot be reflected
Laser 4 100% Cannot be reflected
Tetron laser 4 100% Cannot be reflected
Fire 2 50% Cannot be reflected
Massacre 8 25% Cannot be reflected