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Hero Core - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia
Normal - Hard - Annihilation - Boss Rush - Hero Forever

Hero Forever

Hero Forever is a special mode available from the Bonus menu after completing the game on any difficulty. It's an endless series of randomly generated levels, with two separate goals: finding as many flags as possible, and reaching the highest level possible. It's a good idea to go for either one or the other.

The first level is always 2*2 rooms, the second is 3*3 rooms, the third is 4*4 rooms, and every level after that is 5*5 rooms. The number of flags in each room is random, and there's a random chance that the bottom of the level is flooded in liquid metal. There's also a chance that the level generation will make some rooms inaccessible.

There are three kinds of standard level styles: crumbled, normal with dirt blocks, and normal with pipe blocks. Every 10th level is a special style, where some blocks are replaced by a cluster of 4 Bolt enemies. Watch your aim in these areas. You'll also meet more dangerous enemies the farther you get, until eventually (at level 10 and above) you'll only face Dire vipers, Modes, Mothers, Warp eidolons and Annihilators.

There is a trick to the level generation - the rooms that are perfectly vertical or horizontal of either the start position, the Level up room or the exit room will always be connected. In other words, if you are in a room that is not connected to the room on the right or left, then the exit will not be found in the horizontal row of rooms you are currently in. Here is an example:

Red: These room connections will always be open.

Objects and items in Hero Forever

Exit: Advances you to the next level.

Flag: Collect these for high score and bragging rights.

Foreverbomb: Collect the bomb to carry it with you. The next time you press the Fire button, you'll drop the bomb - if it hits something it'll permanently destroy all the enemies in the room and award flags for each one. It'll also blow holes in the level itself, but the outer walls of a room will be unaffected. Try to drop Foreverbombs in rooms where Mothers and Hunters spawn a lot of underlings to get more flags. There is a trick to use the Blade while carrying a Foreverbomb; simply pause the game and unpause by pressing and holding any Fire button. The bomb will not drop, but you'll charge the Blade.

Level up: Heals you completely, and increases your maximum HP by one. You may not want to pick it up when you're at full health, or the healing effect will be wasted.

Hypergun: The tenth Level up computer will be replaced with this advanced version of the Supergun from the first game. It's twice as powerful as the Level 3 blaster, but beware - once you collect the Hypergun, which also heals and levels you up, you can't level up anymore. In other words you can only heal yourself 10 times throughout the Hero Forever mode!

Box: Destroy it with the Blaster or Blade to open it. The contents are randomized, and may be one of the following:
Good: A flag
Good: Two flags
Good: Four flags
Good: A burst of player bullets that damage nearby enemies
Good: A Foreverbomb
Bad: A Soldier
Bad: Three Chain snakes
Bad: Four Crushers
Bad: A giant explosion (2 damage)
Bad: A burst of medium enemy bullets (2 damage)

Terror: In every level except the first one, one particular room will always be completely empty of enemies. These rooms have a chance to contain Terrors, giant invincible hands that come out of the walls without warning. If you get caught, you lose 5 flags and advance to the next level. These enemies are actually useful if you're trying to reach the highest level possible, rather than collecting as many flags as possible.