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Hero Core - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia
Normal - Hard - Annihilation - Boss Rush - Hero Forever


Recommended zone order:
1. Natural Caves
2. Army Storage
3. Control
4. Light Factory
5. New Caves
6. War Factory
7. Guardian Zone
8. Annihilator Factory
9. Old Base
10. Core

Click here for a bigger, more detailed map (opens in a new window).

Core computers: Collect all 10 for a different ending.

Ship scan: Reveals all bosses and Core computers on your map.

Expel computer: Tells you how to perform Expel, but you can do it at any time without having found the computer. Quickly press up, down, left, right, then any Fire key, and Hero will lose 1 hit point while firing a burst of 64 bullets in all directions. Useful for hitting enemies submerged in liquid metal, or dealing heavy damage to bosses and enemies with large vulnerable bodies.

This is the location of Zero, a secret boss. You must reach this room while your level is 0 - head left after destroying the first Generator in the game, and make your way to Zero's room without fighting any bosses. After beating Zero, you get a special pickup that lets you shapeshift into a Metroid, an enemy from the Metroid series, and the graphics of your bullets also change.

The barrier in this room cannot be deactivated, but with Suit level 3 it's possible to survive going through it. On the other side is a computer telling you to hold down against the floor for five seconds while holding any Fire key - doing so lets you shapeshift into other machines. You can do this anywhere without having touched this computer.

There's a Drone trapped in a small cage in this room - destroy the other enemies, then fly into the tunnels above the Drone and perform Expel (up, down, left, right, Fire) to hit the Drone and open the door. This lets you reach a special computer, which tells you my best speedrun times.

Destroy all the enemies in this room, preferably using a lot of Expels (up, down, left, right, Fire) with Suit level 3 and a high level to survive the damage. When all enemies are gone, a flower will rise from the block marked with an X. Touch the flower and it tells you to start a new game, and on the difficulty selection screen with Annihilation difficulty unlocked, hold Right for five seconds. (This works without ever having touched this flower.) Doing so lets you select "reallyjoel's dad" difficulty.

The reallyjoel's dad difficulty has a new intro story, new descriptions in the "Information" part of the pause menu, and pits you against a room full of eight different boss machines. This difficulty is a joke and not meant to be completed, but if you do, the next room simply contains blocks forming the word "LAL". This is also an injoke with my friend, reallyjoel.