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There are lots of organizations out there that need your money more than I do. If you still want to send me money, please read the following:

-I can't promise I will work faster on site content when receiving donations (though I do appreciate your support!).

-The website or my games will never be limited by lack of donations! Even if I get zero donations, my site will still be here and everything will remain freeware.

-The money helps pay for the server and domain name, and the surplus goes into my pocket. I usually donate the extra money to charities during videogame speedrun marathons such as Awesome Games Done Quick. Make sure to read the games' credits if you want to donate to the people who made the music in my games, as I rarely handle that myself. Also I did not make the songs for any of the Simfiles, just the steps.

-You shouldn't donate specifically for liking Iji, since I'm not comfortable with it considering how many people worked for free to help make it (musicians, voice actors/actresses and testers), plus it contains a copyrighted song and sound effects.

-Very small amounts, under around $1 USD aren't worth it due to PayPal's base fees for donation. You can donate no matter what currency your country uses.

Click here to donate: