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Doom II levels

These maps are over fifteen years old, with the exception of Evilcore which was made in 2018, and not very well designed. They were not designed for source ports that allow jumping.

How to play a level:
Add the levels to your Doom 2 directory. An easy way to play them in Windows is to create a shortcut, and add these parameters after the filename: -file levelname.wad
Example: "c:\doom2\doom2.exe -file assault.wad"

How to play a demo:
Place the movies in the Doom2 directory and start the game with the parameters: -playdemo demoname -file levelname.wad.
Example: "c:\doom2\doom2 -playdemo assault -file assault.wad"

You need Doom 2 version 1.666 to view the demos correctly.


Demo: UV - A fairly safe 100% run with a lot of circling around to promote infighting.

This is a single arena that shifts and evolves as you press switches and fight increasingly challenging waves of demons. Health and ammo is plentiful, but not too much so. Trying to beat this as fast as possible comes down to a balance between cleaning up the current mess of monsters and letting the next waves in. It's pretty beginner-friendly on the easier settings, but I recommend using saves when playing this for the first time on UV, which is the skill level it was designed for. If you don't know what to do next, look for brightly lit areas.

At a certain point during the level, some of the floor was supposed to lower and turn into acid, but this caused an error in the original Doom 2 executable (eventhough ZDoom handled it fine) so it had to be dummied out. Maybe it was for the best. :p


Demo: UV - Not too well played, but it does get 100% of everything in a pretty slow time.

You are a single elite soldier, the only survivor after a failed attack on a city occupied by demons. You have noticed that the monsters have split into three "gangs": the Grunts, the Hell Knights, and the Mancubus. Each gang controls one part of the city, and they each have a distinct headquarters, where most of their members will be located. You'll recognize these headquarters easily; there is no road going in there, only pavement.

Your only hope of completing your mission is to eliminate each gang in turn, kill their leader, and proceed to the next gang with a keycard you will find deep within the previous gang's headquarters. After all three gangs are eradicated, you must find and assassinate the hellish monster mastermind of the city.

Important: you will notice a map on the wall when you start the level - bring up your automap and you'll see the outline of the city, matching the map on the wall. It also shows what order to fight the gangs in.

The grunts
This small-time gang has a large turf, but the members are all pretty weak. The Grunts consists of regular Zombiemen, Shotgun guys, Chaingunners, and Imps. Due to the Grunts always trying to stay up-to-date with other gangs' technology, their leader is said to be a prototype mechanical arachnid.

The Hell Knights
This gang consists of pink Demons and Hell Knights. Luckily they are quite few, but their headquarters is more heavily guarded than the Grunts. Also, remember to shoot all switches you can't hit normally.

The Mancubus
The most heavy-duty gang in town, consisting of the skeletal Revenants and the lumbering Mancubus. Their watchtower overlooks the nearby streets, blasting anyone bold enough to get too close. Their leader is said to be a humongous cyborg.

The Mastermind
Many nasty rumors go about this guy; located somewhere deep within the heart of the city, he can easily deal with any intruder. Without the Mastermind, the monsters of the city can no longer be revived from the dead. A switch in his lair will also seal Hell's gateway into the city.

Assault (Version 2)

Demo: UV - How to beat the level, showing how to access the secret room as well.

Based more heavily on Team17's oldie, Tower Assault, this level has you storming a heavily guarded tower. Every weapon except the BFG9000 is in the level, and it's quite small and simple in geometry, to give that old-school impression. Ammo is very tight here, so it may require some trial and error to beat on UV.

Note that if you're playing a source port that allows you to jump or go under/over other entities, you'll plummet to your death if you try to jump outside one of the balconies.

Carnage (Version 2)

Demo: UV - for some reason, the game crashes when I record a demo while entering the final sector. If you play the demo, the game will exit when the player enters the last sector.

The most thought-out of my levels, bar only Assault. The level was inspired by the age-old Tower Assault by Team 17. The map is divided into sectors, or corridors. Each sector has some optional rooms, a control room, and a door to the next sector. Here's a rundown:

White doors - lead to optional rooms, holding enemies, ammo and health refills. You will need to visit these rooms if you want to survive, but they're all optional.

Green doors - lead to the Sectors' control rooms, where you'll find either a useful weapon, piece of equipment, or a keycard.

Red doors - lead to other sectors. Some require keycards to open, so visit the control rooms in each sector to find the cards.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the enemies in a sector, choose a different path. Often you'll need weapons found in control rooms, or even optional rooms. Don't be shy to use saves the first times you play - it's quite long, but when you know the level, you'll breeze right through it.


Demo: UV - Finished in 1:06.

Pac-man in Doom! Run down the corridors collecting 100 rockets, while the Cyberdemons go after you. (Check the lower right part of the status bar to see how many you've collected.) Then hit the switch in the centre of the arena. If you have all 100 rockets, you win! You can't play on I'm too young to die or Nightmare though, as you collect double ammo.


Demo: Nightmare - I made it through, probably because of all the ammo lying around...

My harder version of the game's final level, The Icon of Sin. The level is simple in design, and finding the switches to flick should be easy. About halfway through you'll raise some slow platforms, so if you don't see anything happening, just wait. When you destroy the Icon, you'll die, but still finish the level. The real challenge comes with the two highest difficulty levels - the Icon will spawn twice as many enemies.