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Hero - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Maps - Secrets - Trivia


Levels, Barriers and Doors
Hero consists of six levels. In each of the first five levels, you must find and destroy the Generator to remove the Barriers, and then destroy a special enemy to unlock the level's Doors. Finally, you must find the exit. You get five lives in each level, and the lives refill when you beat one. You can also warp to any level you've reached from the main menu.

In the first five levels, the Supergun lies hidden. It will double your firepower, and allow you to have more shots on the screen at once. Sometimes it's not accessible until you've removed the Barriers, or even the Doors. If you ever lose the Supergun in a level, it will not come back.

Moving scenery
In some rooms, the scenery moves, and crushes anything that gets in the way. Try luring enemies into moving scenery to easily get rid of them.

Backing up
The most important tactic in Hero is to move in one direction and fire in the other, which will both keep you away from an enemy and hurt it at the same time. Sometimes you also need to move upwards or downwards to keep hitting the moving enemy.

Rapid fire
The closer you are to an enemy, the faster your shots will hit, and the more you can keep firing without reaching the maximum number of shots on the screen. With the Supergun, you can deal incredible damage in a very short time if you stay close to the enemy.

Run away!
Sometimes the enemy opposition is too tough to fight, or will put you at great risk if you stay in the room for too long. It's often best to run from dangerous screens, or pass them as quickly as possible.