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Iji 1.7 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump

Sector 6

Maximum enemies
Turret: 12  Scout: 0  Soldier: 33  Commander: 12  Elite: 0  Shredder: 2
Trooper: 21  Berserker: 5  Beast: 0  Assassin: 2  Annihilator: 0  Skysmasher: 0
Mach: 2  Rocket: 3  MPFB: 2  R.deto: 1  Pulse: 2  Shock: 3  CFIS: 1
Mach: 52  Launcher: 32  MPFB: 18  Pulse: 58  Shock: 22  CFIS: 26

This Sector's many lifts and teleporters can be confusing. Use the terminal at (G) to open the way forward near the checkpoint (H). Note that locking yourself out of the top of the Sector does not make it unwinnable.

Use the terminal at (A) to open the door to the ribbon and a stash of weapons.

This is only possible on Normal or Hard difficulty. First you need to reach (B). Either ride the Shredder from (C) to (D) and jump from mid-air to reach the empty elevator shaft leading up there, or crack the door to the right of (B) with a Crack stat of 10. Now crack the (B) terminal and the door above will open. Go to (E) to find the CFIS weapon. Create a Velocithor V2-10 (MPFB Devastator + CFIS + Crack 10). Go to (F) and stand on the floor above the weapon combination machine. Fire the Velocithor left through the wall, and you'll destroy two crates standing on a ledge. This lets you reach this ledge by jumping, allowing you to reach the poster.
  IMPORTANT: you cannot use the Nuke, as this destroys a crate needed to reach the poster. The trick revolves around only destroying the upper pair of crates.

There are four ways to break the glass guarding the Supercharge:
  1. Use the Nuke (Rocket launcher + MPFB Devastator + Crack 9).
  2. Or use the Splintergun (Pulse cannon + Shocksplinter + Crack 7) from the right.
  3. Or stand on the slope to the right and fire Shocksplinter into the top edge of the indestructible crate on the floor. If you're lucky a splinter will reach the glass above.
  4. Or get all 8 weapons and damage yourself with explosives until you can perform Retribution (see Misc secrets) underneath the glass, breaking it in the most unnecessary way ever.

Secrets + notable modifiers

Next to the poster is a teleporter leading into a sealed room with Yukabacera, resident nerd and heavily armed miniboss. He has 50 HP and is capable of expertly ducking projectiles and resisting kicks no matter your Strength. The easiest way to deal with him is to get a Health, Attack and Tasen stat of 10, then walking into him and firing the MPFB Devastator. He'll go down in two shots and drop the Scrambler. Note that he has full HP even if you're playing on Sudden Death Sector.

The Scrambler
Dropped by Yukabacera, you can activate it from the Extras menu on the main menu, or from the Help/info part of the pause menu. It mangles the text in logbooks and chats by replacing words, letters, or entire dialogue boxes, and has some pre-programmed modifications on important dialogues. Iji, Dan, Asha, Tor and the final cutscene are particularly vulnerable to the Scrambler's corruption. Turn this on to see the game doing the opposite of taking itself too seriously.

Hero 3D
In the "exposition room" - the one with several Tasen terminals detailing the backstory and Alpha Strike - there is a malfunctioning terminal. Get rid of the nearby Assassin by defeating her or leaving the room to the right, then come back and activate the terminal to play Hero 3D. Use 1 and 2 to fire left and right, and steer with the arrow keys. Destroy the generators to lower the barriers. There are 9 levels and it gets tougher every time you complete it, up to 242 times. If you lose all your lives you're sent back to the previous level, but the difficulty cannot decrease. The final level contains only a bunch of color-cycling flowers and extra lives.
  NOTE: You cannot earn any unlockables or other important secrets no matter how far you get in this minigame.

Pre-emptive videogame violence
When you exit Hero 3D by pressing Escape, Iji comments on it depending on how far you got: the title screen, the first level, the second level, beating the game, or beating the game twice on the same playthrough. In the last case, another line is added if you've also killed Yukabacera before playing, since according to his hidden news page he was the one who programmed Hero 3D. This gives the following monologue from Iji:
  "Alright, I beat it more than once... but it just gets harder every time! I'm gonna kill the guy who made this. Wait, that was Yukabacera. I already did."

Ridiculous shortcut
There is an extremely difficult shortcut you can take at (I), skipping the bottom right part of the Sector. Begin by killing the Trooper at (A) as you enter the room. Fire an MPFB Devastator shot with an Attack level of 1 at point blank into the Berserker wandering around the bottom of the room, in order to blow it onto the ledge to the left where the Trooper was standing. Then jump up to the right and grab a Shredder. Ride the Shredder left at full speed, fire the MPFB Devastator in mid-air so that it is reflected by the Berserker on the left ledge, and jump off the Shredder into the reflected MPFB to blow yourself up to the ledge at (I). The Berserker is specially coded to assist you in this trick, so it will always turn to the right and fire its reflector when it notices you attempting to do it. This results in a short quip from Iji about whether this is the most ridiculous thing she'll have to do today.
  Getting the fastest speedrun time requires you to land this trick, which is unfortunate considering that it's at the very end of the Sector...

Alternate paths
Drive the Shredder from (C) to (D) and jump in mid-air to reach the room (B). Crack the nearby door to skip the bottom left part of the Sector.
  When reaching the checkpoint, you need only explore the floor below or directly above you. The bottom path leads to a two-way teleporter to the vital terminal (G).

Traitor logbook
Near the Supercharge is a logbook by Assassin Asha, claiming Dan to be a traitor who'll lead Iji into a trap. If Iji reads this, it changes what she says at the end of the Sector, in the following cutscene, and slightly changes what Asha says at the end of Sector 8.

Indecipherable logbook
Read any logbook in the game written by Asha with the Scrambler activated, and the logbook changes into unreadable scribbles.

Dan is a doormat
No matter if you're a pacifist, killer, or completely berserk by the cutscene at the end of the Sector, Dan will tell you that you've done the right thing and should continue doing it. He'll defend your actions differently depending on your kill count, but will tell Iji to take it easy if she's berserk (over 180 total kills).

Early CFIS
The Cyclic Fusion Ignition System / Chain Fractal Injection Shell is rare and extremely powerful. The game's first copy is found at (E).

Extreme foreshadowing
Very few people would recognize it, but the bottom right part of the Sector was based on a test level built for an early alpha version of Iji. I don't have this version anymore, and probably do neither of those who played it.


One of the boxes in the background near the poster bears the original UAC logo. A pack of blits jumps out of it when you get close.

Of course, Hero 3D is a reference to Hero. It's also a reference to old games with "3D" in the title whether they were actually 3D or not.

Strawberry Jam
The terminal beside the Supercharge about a rectangular strawberry in a fortress is a forward reference - the first chapter of Strawberry Jam was not completed until 2016, eight years after Iji was first released.