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Iji 1.7 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump

Sector 9

Maximum enemies
Turret: 11  Scout: 0  Soldier: 0  Commander: 0  Elite: 2  Shredder: 0
Trooper: 31  Berserker: 12  Beast: 2  Assassin: 9  Annihilator: 2  Skysmasher: 0
Mach: 4  Rocket: 5  MPFB: 4  R.deto: 4  Pulse: 4  Shock: 4  CFIS: 3
Mach: 76  Launcher: 58  MPFB: 30  Pulse: 106  Shock: 40  CFIS: 80

This Sector contains the Tasen outpost, marked in purple, and Deep Sector, an underground bunker shown to the right of the main map. To progress, you need to activate all of the terminals marked (B) to open the bulkhead (C), and then raise the lift at (D) to reach the rooms below.

Simply go to the top of the empty elevator shaft shown on the map.

Go to the large vertical room (A). You need a Health of 10 and an MPFB Devastator. Stand on the small platforms jutting out from the wall, face the wall and fire the MPFB Devastator to be sent flying to the next platform. Do this 9 times to reach the poster and get a small quip from Iji.

This one's hidden in a bunker 120 meters underground, just for the heck of it. Enter Deep Sector as desribed below, and you'll find the Supercharge at the end. As soon as you pick it up you'll be ambushed by Assassins.

Secrets + notable modifiers

Sparing Iosa
If you did not recruit Ansaksie (see below), and you have 270 total kills or less after defeating Iosa, you will get a "press X to kill" prompt. Do not press X, and after a few seconds Iji will kick Iosa instead, knocking her out without killing her. This will lock you into the "full pacifist" ending - see Sector X. Iji comments on this differently depending on your kill count.

Banana gun
Found in the room next to the poster, it requires you to possess all 8 basic Tasen and Komato weapons, and is assigned to the 9 key. Firing it requires 1 of each type of ammunition, but its ability to go down holes and slopes technically makes it one of the most overpowered weapons in the game.

Deep Sector
If you spared the diary-writer's girlfriend in Sector 3, or if you let Vateilika kill Krotera and stayed pacifist throughout the game (45 kills or less once you reach the Tasen outpost marked in purple), a teleporter in the outpost will be active. Take it to enter Deep Sector, a recently raided human bunker that hides the Supercharge. Note that fighting the Assassins there does not award kills since they run away when defeated, and even if you die you'll be revived at the checkpoint inside the Tasen outpost above. The bottom of Deep Sector is identical to a test level built for an early alpha version of Iji; it was intended to be creepy to the few who tried the demo and recognize it.

Outpost truce
If Vateilika killed Krotera in Sector 3 and Iji stayed pacifist through the rest of the game, the Tasen will trust Iji and let her into the outpost. Otherwise, Iosa will arrive to kill them all before you can enter. If you are let inside, you can talk to the Tasen with the use key; most of them have several dialogues if you keep talking to them. Vateilika will be there too, but if you keep talking to her she reveals that she doesn't have much faith in Iji to beat Iosa. It's later shown that these Tasen survive after the end of the game.

The diary-writer
In the Tasen outpost is the diary-writing Tasen Soldier whose logbooks can been found in Sectors 3, 5 and 7. If you killed her girlfriend in Sector 3 (which leads to Iosa attacking the outpost since you broke the truce), she is found dead with a logbook about Iji killing the girlfriend. If Iji has read any of her logbooks thus far, she realizes who the corpse is and has a short monologue. But if Iji spared the girlfriend in Sector 3, the diary-writer will have escaped through the teleporter, leaving a logbook behind about Iji's actions.

Assassin Ansaksie / Skipping the Iosa kill
After getting the Supercharge and heading back up to the Tasen outpost, Ansaksie will appear as long as Iji's kill count is 45 or less. Ansaksie is impressed by Iji's skills and relatively low kill count, and wants to help her in the fight against Iosa. This makes the boss battle easier, since Ansaksie draws fire and attention from Iosa as well as damaging (and smacktalking) her. She also deals the final blow to Iosa, letting Iji avoid getting a kill for it.

Ansaksie's Massacre
With Ansaksie on your side, get as much distance between you and Iosa as possible in the boss battle. If you're lucky, Ansaksie fires the Massacre, heavily damaging Iosa.

Ansaksie's error message
While its very difficult, try cracking Ansaksie and you'll be rejected by her Nanofield with the message CUSTOM ACCESS ERROR "Not a chance. /Ansaksie". She'll also yell at Iji to stop fooling around. She uses the same snark if Iji gets hit by the ceiling electropads.

Annoying Vateilika 2: Return of the poking
If you are let into the Tasen outpost as described above, Vateilika will be there. Keep poking her after she's done talking, and you'll eventually push her too far. Keep poking her after that, and she'll talk about the diary writer and her girlfriend, which also reveals their names as Wak Torma and Maeja.

Legend of the missile pony
Have the Scrambler (see Sector 6) activated while Vateilika goes crazy from your poking, and she'll instead tell you a nonsensical story about missile ponies, which is a recurring joke when using the Scrambler.
VATEILIKA: "Once, there was a pony - a mythical creature of Origin - who wanted to find his friends. He tried looking under the rocks, but he couldn't lift them. He tried looking in the sea, but he couldn't swim. He tried looking on the moon, but he couldn't get there. Just when he was about to give up, he had a moment of inspiration and invented the missile. The pony strapped several dozen on his back, and before long the rocks had been blasted away, but so had his friend who was sleeping underneath them. He had no sooner vaporized the oceans, than he found the remains of his friend who had been playing there. He rode a missile to the moon, but once there found that he was all alone." I still don't get it, but maybe this is why I like missile ponies so much.

Naotgerai's last stand
Yukabacera's secret page (opens in new window) was written for his friend Naotgerai. At location (E) is Naotgerai's logbook, written before his death.

Lost her mind but found her way
For the rest of the game, everything related to Dan will change Iji's dialogue if he was killed in Sector 8. What she believes he is saying starts to gravitate towards what she wishes he would have said while he was still alive, in particular when finding the ribbons.

Too many modifiers
Iji and Iosa's dialogue changes depending on whether Iji called the Komato, whether Iosa attacked the Tasen outpost, whether Iji talked to the Tasen Elite in the outpost who says the war is the Tasens' fault, and whether Iji is pacifist (45 or less kills when confronting Iosa), plus if you met Ansaksie she butts in at the end of the dialogue.

Ansaksie's welcome
If you are pacifist or neutral when entering this Sector (240 total kills or less), a logbook from Ansaksie appears near the starting point. See the details below to make sure you are on the right track.
  If the teleporter to Deep Sector is active and you are between 41 and 45 kills inclusive, she tells you not to kill anyone on your way to Deep Sector in case you want to earn her trust, as it is not too late for you to recruit her.
  Or if you are neutral or berserk (over 45 total kills), she refuses to meet with you in person considering your reputation, and just tells you to kill Iosa.
  Or if the teleporter is not active, she tells you that she cannot meet with you due to circumstances beyond her control, and that you need to kill Iosa at the end of the Sector.
  Or if you are pacifist (40 kills or less) and the teleporter is active, Ansaksie tells you to meet her there.

Ansaksie's decision
As soon as you enter Deep Sector, you'll see a logbook from Ansaksie regardless of your kill count.
  If you began the Sector with between 41 and 45 kills inclusive, but now have above 45 kills, Ansaksie expresses her frustration with you, and that she will not meet you since she clearly cannot trust her back to you.
  Or if you are pacifist (45 total kills or less), Ansaksie tells you in the logbook to head deeper if you want her help.
  Or if you began the Sector as pacifist (40 total kills or less) but now have over 45 total kills, she tells you that she changed her mind and won't meet with you.
  Or if you are neutral or berserk (over 45 total kills), she will simply tell you to leave before things become unpleasant.


There's a Tasen log with the identifier TI820:AOSS, referencing a type of calculator.