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Iji 1.7 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump

Sector X

Maximum enemies
Turret: 23  Scout: 0  Soldier: 0  Commander: 0  Elite: 0  Shredder: 0
Trooper: 44  Berserker: 18  Beast: 5  Assassin: 0  Annihilator: 4  Skysmasher: 11
Mach: 2  Rocket: 4  MPFB: 4  R.deto: 2  Pulse: 4  Shock: 3  CFIS: 4
Mach: 90  Launcher: 62  MPFB: 37  Pulse: 58  Shock: 45  CFIS: 106

To clear the first half of the Sector, you need to activate the terminal at (A) and defeat Assassin Asha at (B) to open the power core (C), which when destroyed opens the door at (D). Note that it's impossible to use the passage (E) as a shortcut since the doors cannot be opened.

Found at the very end of the Sector, in the armory.

Use the Nuke (Rocket launcher + MPFB Devastator + Crack 9) and face left to blow yourself across the gap in the floor near (F). From there, climb up and use the Splintergun (Machinegun + Shocksplinter + Crack 7) to destroy the glass window without harming the crates. Climb up on the crates, and fire the Nuke to bring down two Shredders. Ride one to the left to crash into the room with the poster. Note that you can also bring the Shredders down by firing the Velocithor V2-10 from position (G). You can also make the first two steps easier if you have the Banana gun from Sector 9.

Shoot the power core (C) with the Velocithor V2-10 (MPFB Devastator + CFIS + Crack 10) to instantly destroy it. However, to get the Supercharge within you still need to use the terminal (A) and defeat Asha (B) to open the blast doors afterwards. The Supercharge won't appear unless you shoot the core before both blast doors have been opened!

Secrets + notable modifiers

Kill Tor
If you have over 300 total kills after defeating Tor, and did not spare Iosa in Sector 9, you will get a "press X to kill" prompt. Pressing X will earn you the "full berserk" ending (see further below), and not pressing X will give you the "standard" ending.

Nanofield reboot logbook
Next to the power core (C) is a logbook that tells you about the hidden skill Nanofield reboot, adding it to the pause menu info. See Misc secrets for details. You can always perform it whether you've read about it or not.

Reach the final part of this Sector (H) with a total kill count of zero, and the Massacre will be lying to your left. To get this far with no kills, you need to have kept the Tasen truce in Sector 3 so that Vateilika shoots Krotera, saved Dan in Sector 8 so you didn't kill the ambushing Trooper, visited Deep sector in Sector 9 to have Ansaksie help you fight Iosa, used the Velocithor V2-10 to shoot the core in this Sector to skip Asha, and of course never killed anyone else. Note that sparing Iosa yourself won't count for making the Massacre appear; you'll need to have met Ansaksie in person. This does not work on Ultimortal difficulty since Asha is a required kill there!

Sector Y
Deal the final blow on General Tor with the Null driver (acquired in Sector Z), and he'll warn you that the hallucinations will drive you mad. Instead of completing the game, you'll be taken to Sector Y. This also works on Sudden Death Sector mode. The hint to this is in the Crackers' hideout in Sector 7.

Maximum Charge Tor
After beating the game at least once on any difficulty, a door opens in the final armory where the ribbon is. It leads to a mobile power core, which can be activated by pressing the nearby terminal twice. Once you reach General Tor his weapons and hit points will be at maximum power, and two Skysmashers are released every time he lands from a jump.

Casualty report logs
Near (I) is a pair of logbooks detailing every individual Iji personally killed throughout the game. Each of the 599 individuals that can be killed by Iji (excepting General Tor, since this is before the battle with him) have a class, identifier, name, age, and place of birth. People who have written logbooks are usually found near their logs, in case you're dedicated enough to compare their identifiers. Also listed is a description of how they died. Here are the possible "special" descriptions in order of priority:
  Unknown weapon (killed by Retribution - see Misc secrets)
  Fruit-assisted (killed by the Banana gun - see Sector 9)
  Shredder impact (hit within half a second of Iji riding the Shredder)
  High-speed Turret head (hit within half a second of Iji touching the Turret)
  Extreme violence used (killed by the MPFB Devastator, Velocithor V2-10 or Nuke)
  Nanofield compromised before death (cracked before dying)
  Remote-controlled Annihilator (killed by Annihilator Beta in Sector X)
  Self-destruct triggered (default message for Beast, Berserker, Annihilator, Asha 2)

Skipping the power core and Asha's return fight
Shoot the power core (C) with the Velocithor V2-10 (MPFB Devastator + CFIS + Crack 10) to instantly destroy it. This lets you skip fighting Asha. If you do so and reach the end of the Sector, his final logbook reveals that he's so humiliated that he blows himself up. If Dan is alive, he'll comment on this right before reaching the lift to General Tor.

Annihilator Beta
If you unlocked Annihilator Beta in Sector 8, use the terminal at (J) to control it. Walk left and right to break down the walls, opening up the bottom floor of the gauntlet for Iji.

Ciretako repeats
Walk right towards the Berserkers with Annihilator Beta, and they'll shout "Ciretako" in reference to the Tasen spaceship where an Annihilator lost control and killed its own platoon with the Massacre weapon.

The Phantom Hammer
Let General Tor gather three "chargeballs" without reflecting them. He'll absorb them, stomp the ground to lift Iji into the air, and fire the Phantom Hammer. It instantly turns Iji into mist and removes all of her stats and weapons from the HUD. However, you can dodge this attack by doing a short jump over the stomp shockwave.

Ansaksie's return
If you met Ansaksie in Sector 9, she'll be standing at (I).

Annoying Ansaksie: The final poking
If Ansaksie is standing at (I), talk to her with the Use key. When she's out of things to say, keep poking for another comment about her buying a malfunctioning translator from Yukabacera, which is a hint for the following secret.

Discovering reallyjoel's dad
Keep poking Ansaksie with the Scrambler activated (see Sector 6), and she'll tell you to go to the main menu and hold the right arrow key for five seconds on the difficulty selection screen, if you have Ultimortal unlocked. Doing so unlocks the literally impossible reallyjoel's dad difficulty.

Bonus Resonance reflector
If you don't have a Resonance reflector by the time you reach (H), one will be waiting for you in the armory above. It's impossible to skip or get rid of.

Asha and the checkpoint
With a checkpoint activated, get beaten by Asha and return to his room. He'll be glad to get to kill you twice.

Asha finally snaps / Fight Asha thrice
This trick was discovered by GMC user Kejardon, and given a special dialogue in the game when performed. Activate the first checkpoint you come across, and lose to Asha to be revived. Now get a Splintergun (Machinegun + Shocksplinter + Crack 7), Nuke (Rocket launcher + MPFB Devastator + Crack 9) and Velocithor V2-10 (MPFB Devastator + CFIS + Crack 10), and destroy the power core (C) with the Velocithor. Head straight left and use the Velocithor to free the two Shredders behind the leftmost wall (G). Head down and activate the second checkpoint to the right of (D). Now go back to the start of the Sector and reach the poster by following the steps near the top of this page, but don't use the Nuke to bring down the Shredders since you've already brought them down. Using the teleporter behind the poster takes you to the rooftops. Go to Asha again, and lose the fight. Now reach the poster room again, and take the teleporter to the rooftops once more. Enter Asha's room for a third time, and he'll finally lose it. He'll now be shouting taunts constantly for the rest of the fight regardless of his hit points.

Iji snaps too
Iji and Asha's conversation depend on Iji's kill count and whether Dan is still alive. If Dan died in Sector 8, Asha doesn't even get to finish his monologue.

Tor recognizes Iji's skill
Defeat Maximum Charge Tor on Ultimortal difficulty and Tor's end-of-battle quote will change to recognize Iji's superhuman skill. This only happens if Iji has 300 total kills or less.

Tor recognizes the Massacre
Defeat Maximum Charge Tor after firing the Massacre at least once in the fight, and Tor's end-of-battle quote will change to tell Iji that no-one outside of Imperial Research should know that weapon exists. This only happens if Iji has 300 total kills or less.

Tor's banana balancing act
Deal the final blow on General Tor with the Banana gun (acquired in Sector 9) and during his end-of-battle quote he'll be balancing a banana on the tip of his helmet.

Extended poster chat
Reach the poster with Dan still alive, and he'll question Iji's obsession with the posters.

Too many modifiers again
The dialogue at the start of the Sector, Iji and Tor's pre-battle conversation, and the "standard" ending dialogue all change depending on Iji's kill count, whether Dan died in Sector 8, whether Iji killed Iosa herself or let Ansaksie do it, whether Iji spared Iosa, and whether the Tasen outpost in Sector 9 survived.

The endings
The game's endings can be categorized as:
  Full pacifist - Iji spared Iosa in Sector 9 (only possible without recruiting Ansaksie), which overrides the other endings.
  Full berserk - Iji killed Tor in Sector X.
  Standard - Iji did neither of the above.

What her actions said
All the endings change a bit if Dan died in Sector 8. The "standard" and "full pacifist" endings change whether Iji was pacifist (50 or less kills at the end of Sector X) - when pacifist, the children are not playing with the remains of Tasen and Komato helmets and guns, the village is not surrounded by walls and towers, and the final picture turns into color.
  If the Tasen outpost in Sector 9 survived, a group shot of those Tasen will be displayed during the "standard" and "full pacifist" endings. The shot also includes the diary-writer and her girlfriend in the left of the picture, Vateilika in the center of the picture, and Yukabacera on the right (if he survived).


Opening the power core blast doors and destroying the core is a reference to an old, jokingly-named game of mine. Iji was partly inspired as a sequel to that game.

Super Metroid
The layout of Asha's room and the small room following it are loosely based on Ridley's boss room.

Deus Ex
The three labs in this Sector are named Daedalus, Helios and Icarus, and the poster area is called "Morpheus backup server". A logbook in Sector 8 states that Sector X is home to "military AI applications".

Iosa's homeworld is stated in the casualty report log as Shuwajaxu, which is a reference to the Crypt of Shuwa.