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Iji 1.7 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump


Here is listed the same stats as the unlockable weapon information in the game, but with different descriptions more focused on tactics and usage, and including all the secret weapons' stats.

1. Shotgun (Tasen)
Damage: 72 armor (8 pellets, 9 armor/pellet)
Reload time: 1 second
DPS: 72 armor
Muzzle velocity: 420 m/s
Requirements: none
Uses: no ammunition
Function: fires a wide, short-range pellet blast

Since maxing out your Attack stat triples the damage of your weapons, the Shotgun can remain useful throughout the game, except against the really big stuff. Both this and the Machinegun's projectiles can actually curve around obstacles.

2. Machinegun (Tasen)
Damage: 10 armor
Reload time: 0.1 seconds
DPS: 100 armor
Muzzle velocity: 720 m/s
Requirements: Tasen 3
Uses: 1.11 machinegun clips / second
Function: fires weak but accurate long-range bullets

By far the cheapest long-range instant-hit weapon, it can be used to wear enemies down from a safe distance, but it takes a while. A high Attack stat makes it effective against lesser Komato as well.

3. Rocket launcher (Tasen)
Damage: 2 HP
Reload time: 2 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 19 m/s
Requirements: Tasen 6
Uses: 1 launcher ammo
Function: fires a single rocket

The downside to rockets is that they can be ducked or reflected by some enemies if they can see it coming, unless they're flying through the air or taking damage. Try to shoot the enemies in the back or feet. Rockets are a cheap way of opening weak walls.

4. MPFB Devastator (Tasen)
Damage: 9 HP (3 projectiles, 3 HP/projectile)
Reload time: 3 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 24 m/s
Requirements: Tasen 10
Uses: 1 MPFB cell
Function: fires three high-explosive MPFB projectiles

Nearly the most powerful and versatile weapon, it'll knock you to the ground when fired unless your Strength is 10. It's effective against everything but Komato Berserkers and Assassins, who can reflect it. Among the non-secret weapons, only the Velocithor deals more damage per second against Komato enemies and bosses, and the MPFB has by far the highest damage output per ammo unit. If you want to take Proxima, Iosa or Tor down with firepower alone, this is the key. Trivia: MPFB stands for Magnetically Propelled Fission Bomb.

5. Resonance detonator (Komato)
Damage: 1 HP
Reload time: 5 seconds
DPS: 0.2 HP
Muzzle velocity: 50 m/s
Requirements: none
Uses: no ammunition
Function: works exactly like your kick attack, using Strength. This weapon can destroy shield doors.

Since the shockwave from this weapon appears in two frames and covers a large area around Iji, it's very useful with a high Strength stat if your spacing is good. Use it together with the kick to juggle lesser enemies around the room, knock the driver off Shredders, or keep Berserkers at a distance. It can also safely detonate Beasts and deal with Skysmashers up-close, and is an excellent tool against Assassins on Normal difficulty, who have trouble dodging it. The reload time sucks though, and it's not the best weapon when trying to deal enough damage to kill something.

6. Pulse cannon (Komato)
Damage: 6 armor (3 projectiles, 2 armor/projectile)
Reload time: 1/30 seconds
DPS: 180 armor
Muzzle velocity: 27 m/s
Requirements: Komato 3
Uses: 1.25 pulse cells / second
Function: fires a short-range pulse beam

Only really useful against the Tasen, since most Komato retaliate with something at least as strong if you try to get close. Don't be fooled by the seemingly low damage; with a high Attack stat you can stunlock most enemies so they can't retaliate.

7. Shocksplinter (Komato)
Damage: 2 HP + 180 armor
Reload time: 2 seconds
DPS: 1 HP + 60 armor
Muzzle velocity: 23 m/s
Requirements: Komato 6
Uses: 1 Shocksplinter shell
Function: fires a fast "Shocksplinter" projectile

The Shocksplinter projectile moves faster than a rocket, making it harder for enemies to duck or reflect. It's particularly effective against Tasen elites, who usually take another HP of damage from the secondary splinters. It also sends you and enemies flying faster and farther than rockets, but other than that it's not too much stronger than the Rocket launcher.

8. Cyclic Fusion Ignition System (Komato)
Damage: 15 armor
Reload time: 1/30 seconds
DPS: 450 armor
Muzzle velocity: 5600 m/s
Requirements: Komato 10
Uses: 1.67 CFIS cells / second
Function: fires a short-range beam that cuts through enemies

More powerful than the MPFB Devastator, the CFIS can be underestimated if your Attack stat is low. The beam damages as many enemies as you can hit at once, cannot be reflected or dodged, and reaches pretty far. The base damage of 450 armor means that Tasen enemies take 4.5 HP damage per second, and Komato take 2.25. As with all weapons, these numbers triple with an Attack of 10, letting it stunlock even Komato Berserkers and detonate Beasts with ease. The CFIS pierces triple composite alloy armor, letting it deal full damage to Sentinel Proxima.

9. Buster gun (Tasen)
Damage: 72 armor (8 pellets, 9 armor/pellet)
Reload time: 0.267 seconds
DPS: 270 armor
Muzzle velocity: 420 m/s
Requirements: Shotgun, Machinegun, Crack 3
Uses: 3.75 machinegun clips / second
Function: fires rapid Shotgun blasts

Very powerful against the Tasen, able to safely stunlock Elites when your Attack stat is 3 or higher. It drains a lot of ammunition, however. The "Nanoblast" overload makes the pellets explosive, which essentially gives you a rapid-fire instant-hit rocket launcher.

10. Splintergun (Tasen-Komato)
Damage: 30 armor
Reload time: 1/10 seconds
DPS: 300 armor
Muzzle velocity: 23 m/s
Requirements: Machinegun, Shocksplinter, Crack 7
Uses: 1.67 machinegun clips / second
Function: fires armor-damaging "splinters" rapidly

While seemingly useless outside of hitting glass panes above you, the Splintergun deals quite heavy damage, but tends to obscure your view when fired. Despite being designed for fighting Tasen, by the time you get the Splintergun there won't be a lot of them around anymore.

11. Spread rockets (Tasen)
Damage: 6 HP
Reload time: 3 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 19 m/s
Requirements: Shotgun, Rocket launcher, Crack 5
Uses: 3 launcher ammo
Function: fires three spread-out rockets

Packs a fearsome punch, but costs three launcher ammo to fire. Enemies are also thrice as likely to duck or reflect it than the Rocket launcher. Useful if you're investing in Crack and tasen very early, or want to blow up cracked parts of the floor, otherwise not so much.

12. Nuke (Tasen)
Damage: 5 HP
Reload time: 3 seconds
DPS: 1.67 HP
Muzzle velocity: 280 m/s
Requirements: Rocket launcher, MPFB Devastator, Crack 9
Uses: 3 MPFB cells
Function: deals instant moderate damage to all enemies on the screen, but is less powerful than the MPFB Devastator

Very useful with many weak enemies on the screen, but a waste against Tasen Elites and Komato Annihilators. It even destroys walls and the Phantom Hammer in Sector 7, although from a shorter distance than it damages enemies. Other uses include blowing yourself across short gaps with low ceilings and defeating Komato Assassins in one shot, including Asha in Sector 5.

13. Resonance reflector (Tasen-Komato)
Damage: 0
Reload time: 5 seconds
DPS: 0
Muzzle velocity: 50 m/s
Requirements: Shotgun, Resonance detonator, Crack 4
Uses: no ammunition
Function: reflects rockets, MPFB, shocksplinter etc.

Hitting an enemy with a reflected projectile counts as your kill, so it can't be used for pacifist runs unless you know the enemy will survive the blow. The reload time is long, and it's best suited for enemies wielding Spread rockets - or General Tor. You can safely reflect MPFB Devastator shots if you duck immediately after firing the reflector, in case you miss one of the projectiles.

14. Hyper pulse (Komato)
Damage: 8 armor (4 projectiles, 2 armor/projectile)
Reload time: 1/30 seconds
DPS: 240 armor
Muzzle velocity: 30 m/s
Requirements: Resonance detonator, Pulse cannon, Crack 6
Uses: 1.88 pulse cells / second
Function: damages enemies, and uses your Strength to knock them flying when their armor has been drained low enough. This weapon can destroy shield doors.

With a high Strength and Attack stat, this plows through even Beasts and Komato Berserkers and cannot be reflected. With a Strength of 9, Tasen Elites go down in a few seconds. The only real downsides are its range, and that it requires you to pump four different stats - Komato, Crack, Attack and Strength.

15. Plasma cannon (Komato)
Damage: 3 HP
Reload time: 2.5 seconds
DPS: 1.2 HP
Muzzle velocity: 6700 m/s
Requirements: Pulse cannon, Shocksplinter, Crack 8
Uses: 2 Shocksplinter shells
Function: fires a long-range plasma beam that cuts through enemies

Fast, powerful, unreflectable, and one of the best weapons you can find. There's no enemy it doesn't perform well against - even Komato Assassins have some trouble dodging it on the Normal and Hard difficulties. As long as you conserve your ammo, there's not much else you will need once you get the Plasma cannon.

16. Velocithor V2-10 (Tasen-Komato)
Damage: 35 armor
Reload time: 1/30 seconds
DPS: 1050 armor
Muzzle velocity: 12000 m/s
Requirements: MPFB Devastator, CFIS, Crack 10
Uses: 5 CFIS cells / second
Function: fires a beam that cuts through enemies and walls

The best non-secret weapon in the game, the Velocithor goes through walls and stunlocks everything but Komato Annihilators and bosses. With an Attack stat of 10, it deals over 31 HP damage per second to Tasen enemies, and 15 to Komato. Not even Assassins can dodge the beam, so your only problem once you get it will be CFIS ammunition. The Velocithor pierces triple composite alloy armor, letting it deal full damage to Sentinel Proxima. Trivia: the development documents describes the Velocithor as a tiny fusion-powered coilgun firing thousands of slugs per second, resulting in a bright beam.

17. Banana gun (Homebrew)
Damage: 3 HP
Reload time: 4 seconds
DPS: 0.75 HP
Muzzle velocity: 9 m/s
Requirements: All 8 basic Nanoweapons
Uses: 1 of each type of ammunition
Function: fires a banana

The first of three secret weapons, it's found at the very top of Sector 9. Although it requires boatloads of ammunition, it can be fired into rooms and corridors below, giving you an unfair advantage on higher ground. It's for this reason that it requires a lot of stats to obtain.

18. Massacre (Komato, prototype)
Damage: 96 HP (30 rocket explosions, 12 MPFB explosions)
Reload time: 2.5 seconds
DPS: 38.4 HP
Muzzle velocity: 90 m/s
Requirements: 0 kills, see Sector X
Uses: 50 armor points
Function: fires six non-mass wall-penetrating projectiles each exploding five times in flight and ending in double MPFB explosions

A toned-down version of the weapon used by the Annihilator that went crazy on Ciretako, it can only be obtained right before General Tor. The Massacre far outclasses all the other weapons, although your Attack stat won't modify the damage dealt, plus it drains your armor and health rather than ammunition.

19. Null driver (Komato, prototype)
Damage: 2 HP, or instant death by morphing
Reload time: 1 second
Muzzle velocity: speed of gravity
Requirements: see Sector Z
Uses: no ammunition
Function: random

A glitched prototype acquired by Assassin Ansaksie, and accidentally teleported by OmnikrakR into Sector Z when he pulled the trigger. Its failure in opening wormholes results in randomly damaging enemies, light-bending mirages and morphing objects into others. Also known as the game breaking weapon, it was modeled after a glitched beam in Super Metroid. Note that the Null driver cannot mess with the savefile, nor permanently corrupt the graphics. It can however make some Sectors unwinnable, so you'll have to restart them.
  Story-wise it's the first step towards the Star strike, but this isn't elaborated upon. Together with the Massacre and Iosa's Vortex cannon, it originated in the plans for a sequel to Iji.

This is what the Null driver really does, but it's a bit technical:
-Blow up every Tasen and Komato with a Shocksplinter explosion belonging to Iji, dealing 2 HP damage modified by your Attack stat. This doesn't count towards your kill count.
-Set the current time to 59:59 to avoid the player doing a speedrun with this weapon.
-Give 99 points, which will be stored if you save the game.
-Give maximum ammo for all weapons, depending on your Assimilate stat.
-Delete all warpback instances, letting Iji leave the game borders without being warped back, unless she falls below the bottom of the Sector.
-With all visible objects that are not Iji nor enemies, there's a 60% chance its sprite is replaced by any of the first 920 sprites defined in the game, and the subimage may change.
-Done 50 times: two of the first 150 backgrounds (including cutscene images and tilesets) defined in the game are randomly picked, and the second is repointed to the first.
-For all enemies that are not bosses, there's a 10% chance they will shapeshift into the following: paper, a computer screen, a crackbox (with a Skysmasher, Shredder, Blit or Dan randomly inside), a banana-dispensing terminal, or shell casings.
-Turn Blits into Nano.
-Turn Turrets into Corrupted Turrets which fire Shocksplinter shell casings. Hack a Corrupted Turret and it will drop a Shredder. Try driving the shredder up ramps that are close to walls to pass through the wall.
-Rotate the assigned bone of each of General Tor's polygons by one. Bone 1 will still "look" at Iji as if it were Tor's head.
-Cut Tor's current HP by 1/3.
-If Tor is finished off by the Shocksplinter explosion spawned by the Null driver, even in Sudden Death or Single Sector Play, you travel to Sector Y.

Passive weapons

These are accessed by pressing Enter, which changes the eight base weapons into their Passive counterparts. Passive weapons cannot directly or indirectly kill enemies, with one exception - blowing someone into an explosive barrel with the Impulse launcher, which still won't count as your kill if they die.

P1. Stun gun (Tasen)
Reload time: 3 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 160 m/s
Requirements: none
Uses: no ammunition
Function: fires a wide, short-range stunning blast
 Attack level 1 stun duration: 0.55 seconds
 Attack level X stun duration: 1 second

It may not seem very useful at first, but stunning an enemy will also stop whatever projectile they're charging. You take no contact damage from stunned enemies, but you'll still want to jump past them rather than run through them, usually to avoid their melee attacks when they recover. Bosses, Shredders, Assassins and Annihilators cannot be stunned.

P2. Impact machinegun (Tasen)
Reload time: 8/30 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 160 m/s
Requirements: Tasen level 3
Uses: X machinegun clips / second
Function: fires a single staggering bullet
 Attack level 1 range: 6 meters
 Attack level X range: 15 meters

Staggers enemies for a fraction of a second, interrupting whatever attack they were charging. It doesn't really have any uses beyond that. Bosses, Turrets, Skysmashers, Shredders, Assassins and Annihilators cannot be staggered.

P3. Impulse launcher (Tasen)
Reload time: 3 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 20 to 28 m/s
Requirements: Tasen level 6
Uses: 1 launcher ammo
Function: fires an impulse rocket
 Attack level 1 muzzle velocity: 20 m/s
 Attack level X muzzle velocity: 28 m/s

Essentially a better alternative to the Stun gun, it flings enemies around without damaging them, and getting hit by the blast won't hurt you either. The Impulse rocket can still be ducked or reflected if the enemy can see it coming, but this is less likely to happen the faster it travels. Impulse rockets will instantly turn Turrets and Skysmashers into scrap, and can break certain walls just like regular explosive weapons, but they have no effect on Assassins and Annihilators. They will also blow away Beasts only if the Beast is not already in mid-air.

P4. MPFB Neutralizer (Tasen)
Reload time: 4 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 240 m/s
Requirements: Tasen level 10
Uses: 3 MPFB ammo
Function: stuns all enemies in a 15 meter radius
 Attack level 1 stun time: 2 seconds
 Attack level X stun time: 5 seconds

One of the best passive weapons, it stuns everyone for extended periods of time, and without knocking you to the ground unlike the MPFB Devastator and Nuke. Bosses, Shredders, Assassins and Annihilators cannot be stunned.

P5. Resonance disruptor (Komato)
Reload time: 4 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 50 m/s
Requirements: none
Uses: no ammunition
Function: nullifies rockets, MPFB, shocksplinter etc.
 Attack level 1 disruptor duration: 0.13 seconds
 Attack level X disruptor duration: 0.47 seconds

This weapon works on the same projectiles as the Resonance reflector, but will destroy them instead of reflect them. Like the Resonance reflector, it won't work on Plasma cannons, nor the red spinning Crawlers fired by Iosa.

P6. Pulse linker (Komato)
Reload time: 1/30 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 21 to 30 m/s
Requirements: Komato level 3
Uses: X pulse cells / second
Function: harmlessly drains Nano from enemies
 Attack level 1 muzzle velocity: 21 m/s
 Attack level X muzzle velocity: 30 m/s

The Pulse linker will drain a technically infinite amount of Nano from any enemy without damaging them, but is also the most ammo-hungry weapon in the game. Its usefulness depends entirely on what you hit - each enemy type has a different "link multiplier". You earn 0.5625 Nano per unit of Pulse ammo multiplied by the enemy's link multiplier. For example, hitting an Elite with 20 Pulse ammo gives you 56 Nano.

Here are the link multipliers:
  Tasen Turret: 2x
  Tasen Scout: 2x
  Tasen Soldier: 3x
  Tasen Shredder: 3x
  Tasen Commander: 4x
  Tasen Elite: 5x
  Komato Skysmasher: 2x
  Komato Beast: 2x
  Komato Assassin: 3x
  Komato Trooper: 3x
  Komato Berserker: 4x
  Komato Annihilator: 6x
  Bosses: Immune

P7. Shock barrier (Komato)
Reload time: 2 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 0 m/s
Requirements: Komato level 6
Uses: 1 Shocksplinter cell
Function: sets up a barrier that nullifies projectiles
 Attack level 1 duration: 2 seconds
 Attack level X duration: 5 seconds

This barrier not only works on the same projectiles as the Resonance reflector, it also stops Machinegun and Pulse cannon fire. Its use is limited by the fact that the barrier remains stationary and the enemies can walk through it, but it comes in handy against Iosa and Tor.

P8. Chain Fractal Injection Shell (Komato)
Reload time: 2 seconds
Muzzle velocity: 800 m/s
Requirements: Komato level 10
Uses: 3 CFIS cells
Function: performs an instant cracking attempt from a distance
 Attack level 1 range: 2.7 meters
 Attack level X range: 7.2 meters

A great wapon if your Crack stat is high enough. Since cracking enemies disables their heavy weapons and halves their hit points with 50% certainty (100% in the case of Annihilators), it's useful for an aggressive player as well.