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Iji 1.6 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump

Misc secrets

Here is listed the Hidden skills and all of the remaining secrets, tricks and references not bound to any specific Sectors.

Hidden skills

Air brake
Unlocked from the start of the game, it's basically a small reward for players who read the hidden skill info on the pause menu. When Iji is sent flying, simply hold the opposite direction to slow down in the air.

Learned from a logbook in Sector 7, but can be performed without having read it. Press the Use key immediately before taking damage, and Iji will not stagger from pain, and fly shorter and land on her feet when sent flying. Yellow circles shoot out of her when you tech successfully. Note that some specific attacks cannot be teched:
  The electropads in Proxima's room
  The shockwave from the Phantom Hammer in Sector 8
  Annihilator Iosa's Velocithor V2-10
  The electropads in Iosa's room
  Iosa2's supermove, Storm of death
  General Tor's stomp shockwave
  General Tor's Phantom Hammer
  Any attack that results in your HP dropping to 0

Learned from a logbook in Sector 8, but can be performed without having read it. You need all 8 basic weapons, at least 1 ammo for each, and 5 or less HP currently left. Just after being knocked to the ground, rise while holding the Use key. If performed while Iji is still flashing from taking the damage that knocked her down, the skill will activate. This can only be done once per Sector or boss room, and makes Iji briefly invincible. The only enemies immune to this attack are Blits and Asha in Sector X.
  Note that Retribution's damage depends on your Attack stat, and is very effective against Iosa, not so much against General Tor. It creates 78 rocket explosions, 16 MPFB explosions and 1 Nuke explosion, for a maximum possible damage of 418 HP when your Attack is 10.

Nanofield reboot
Learned from a logbook in Sector X, but can be performed without having read it. While ducking, press the Use key four times followed by the Kick key. You'll now be able to crack your own Nanofield. Complete the crack and all of Iji's stats will be reset, and all of the points you've spent will return. However, all ammo over 10 and all hit points but 1 will be depleted, and you will no longer recieve bonus hit points when upgrading your Health for the rest of the Sector. All the basic weapons Iji was carrying are expelled from her Nanofield and dropped to the ground, with the exception of the Shotgun, Resonance detonator, Massacre, Null driver, and the Resonance reflector at the end of Sector X. This technique also fully recovers your armor and makes you briefly invincible, which is useful in Sector Z or when playing Sudden Death Sector.

Misc secrets

Yuka's news page
On the Iji game page on this site, one of the dots is a link to a teaser page (opens in new window) that was updated twice a month before the game's release.

Not as much of a secret as part of the game, Iji's personality and many dialogues, events, logbooks, characters and hidden areas are directly affected by your kill count. Iji's voice when she kills an enemy also changes from apologetic to silent, and finally screaming, and her jumping and kicking voices become more pronounced. In order to be a pacifist, you need a total kill count of 5 or less per Sector - in other words, in Sector 5 your kill count needs to be 25 or less. Indirectly causing the death of an enemy does not count as a kill; with kicked Turret and dismounted Shredders, they need to hit the enemy at least half a second after being touched by Iji. Beating the final boss with a low or high kill count in itself doesn't award or unlock anything, yet the game is intentionally more difficult for a pacifist. Getting a perfect 0 kills requires you to keep the Tasen truce in Sector 3, save Dan in Sector 8 so you don't kill the ambushing Trooper, have Assassin Ansaksie kill Iosa in Sector 9 and skip Asha in Sector X.

Saving Dan
Considering it's a pretty big secret, I'll mention it here as well - see Sector 8 for details.

The three secret weapons
The Banana gun is found in Sector 9, the Massacre in Sector X, and the Null driver in Sector Z. See those Sectors for details.

reallyjoel's dad difficulty
Choose "new game" on the main menu, and hold the right arrow key for five seconds on the difficulty selection screen. This only works if you have the Ultimortal difficulty unlocked. This joke difficulty changes the opening cutscene dialogues (referencing the Game Maker games Umbrella Adventure and Jumper), and even Sector 1 becomes completely impossible. Check the difficulty information screen in the pause menu for more insanity. This all stems from an in-joke with my friend, reallyjoel, when he commented on this video (opens in new window) with "Bah, you're a noob. My dad can beat this on a much harder setting, no sweat." reallyjoel's dad difficulty exists in Hero Core as well, and is unlocked in the same way.
  As for why it's impossible, at the end of Sector 1 is a forcefield that requires 100% kills to lower. But even if you would get 100% kills, which can't be done in two minutes, the forcefield doesn't lower.

Milking Nano
If you keep kicking a dead Tasen Soldier, Tasen Commander, Komato Trooper or Komato Berserker to juggle it before it disappears, it'll drop bonus Nano. This only works five times with each enemy. You can also use the Resonance detonator for this.

Feign death
Keep lying still after being knocked down, and if no enemies touch or damage you for 10-15 seconds, they'll eventually think you're dead and ignore you, unless they walk over you. The only real use for this is in Sector 8; when waiting for the lift to power up near the end of the Sector, before the enemies teleport in, stand in the left corner and fire the MPFB Devastator or Nuke (Rocket launcher + MPFB Devastator + Crack 9) to the right to knock yourself over. Keep lying there and the Komato won't attack.

Banana rain
When you start the game, where you choose between fullscreen and windowed mode, wait for two minutes. The background effects will turn into bananas for three seconds.

Konami code
At the main menu, use the arrow keys and keyboard to input: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A for a hidden message. It has no other effect.

Alternate opening screen
Before the main menu appears, the black screen showing silhouettes of Iji and a Tasen Elite has a one in three chance to show Iji throwing her weapon.

Camera movements
The security cameras in the complex behave differently depending on who is sitting in the control room. They sweep from side to side when Dan is in it, hang completely still when no-one is, and track Iji when the Komato are in there (she comments on this at one point to make the player focus on the cameras). This also removes any doubt of whether Dan really died in Sector 8 or not.

Animation canceling
When Iji is in the "use" animation, duck or jump to cancel it. When Iji is in her ducking/rising animation, jump to cancel it. Doing this on a lift lets you duck and jump without riding the lift, which can save some frustration with enemies near lifts.

Asha song message
What's being said in the "radio talk" of the Asha song? According to the composer Chris Geehan, this is what he said: "Total destruction is imminent. This is without a doubt the final battle for Peroni & Son. (Peroni is an Italian beer he was looking at.) We need everybody to evacuate, and bring all your Carlsberg to the front desk. I repeat, bring all your Carlsberg. System shutdown."

Short attention span
Like normal enemies, Tasen Turrets can only look in the direction they are facing. Stand behind a Turret and jump just before it turns to fire at you, and land on its other side after it begins firing. Before it turns again, repeat the process, and the Turret will eventually lose sight of you.

How meta
In this game guide and throughout the whole site, most smaller pictures display a message if you hover the mouse over them.

Misc references

My old, terrible comic is one of the inspirations for Iji. Dan's necklace is the Ultimortal logo. The fourth difficulty level, the Velocithor V2-10, certain weapon muzzle velocities, "Zentraidon" and the second half of Iosa Sakera's name (seen when cracking her personal Nanofield) come from the comic as well. One of the Iji soundtrack's song names is also "Hade Shade" and Iji shares surnames with the insane protagonist of Ultimortal.

Tyrian references
The Komato Generals' weapons are named and listed in the unlockable enemy information. The Tyrian claw, Zica burst and Megamissile are references to Tyrian, as is the name of the regular Hyper pulse. There's another reference in a logbook in Sector 5.

Blackthorne / Blackhawk
The explosive auto-shotgun (using the Buster gun with the Nanoblast overload) is a reference to Blackthorne.

Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Earth
One of the Iji soundtrack's songs is titled "Glass Soldier", Sin & Punishment's working title.

System Shock
During the ending with the Scrambler turned on, Tor says "You heard me, loud and clear. Don't salt the fries!"

Guilty Gear series
The Annihilators' instant kill move is nicknamed "Destroy".