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Iji: Currently known issues

These issues have been reported or found in the current release of Iji. Note that the game will no longer be updated unless a serious bug is reported.


-In extremely rare cases, the game is unable to save properly. In the meantime please back up your savefile manually and avoid running it from a USB memory stick or similar.


-On some computers, especially if you Alt-Tab the game, the sprites will have black borders instead of being transparent. The game has a pause menu option called "Reload graphics" specifically to fix this problem; if it doesn't, update your graphics card drivers or try it on a different computer.
-On some computers the music will be garbled. Try updating Windows Media Player or your sound card drivers.
-The game cannot force vsync on modern graphics cards, resulting in some tearing.
-Some computers can't play the game at all, the game slows down heavily or gives numerous error messages on startup. This is due to Game Maker incompatibilities and can't be fixed.

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