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Hyper Princess Pitch
Genre: Action/Arcade
Content: Fantasy violence
Original release: 2011


Download Version 1.7 (25 September 2022)
The download contains two versions of the game for maximum compatibility.

Watch trailer

The good Mecha Santa plans to spread happiness and cheer all over the world. Princess Pitch, previously just a sidekick in Garden Gnome Carnage, sets out to put an end to those silly plans.

Hyper Princess Pitch is sort of a remake of DOS Operation: Carnage, keeping the fast-paced arcade action, short completion time, high replay value and cheesy characters. Whether you tire of games with moral choices, or you've ever wanted to be made of equal halves explosions and piledrivers, this is the game for you.

Thanks to Niklas Ström for the awesome music! The soundtrack is also available in MP3/FLAC format from Niklas' page.

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