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Update 262

3 January 2023
Trailers and Super Mario Maker 2 levels

I've added a download to the Resources page for all my game trailers, if you want them for some reason. I've also added a page that lists my Super Mario Maker 2 levels with hints and solutions to their secrets, but obviously you need that game to access and play them.

20 November 2022
New Quake level

I made a new Quake level called Castle Puzzlefort, and also updated my previous levels. Due to having to record new demos for every new version, I decided to skip the demos from now on.

25 September 2022
Double princess update

Both Princess Remedy and Hyper Princess Pitch have received small updates. There is now also an .exe file for the Flash version of Randomhack in Scrap Pack 1, since Flash itself was discontinued in 2020.

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