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Castle of Elite - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Solutions - Secrets - Trivia


The four secret levels
These are obtained by beating all the levels in a difficulty set. The first secret level, Jumpman, is based on the Donkey Kong arcade game. The second secret level, Mountain Climber, is based on the NES Ice Climber. The third level, Ancient palace, is based on NES Zelda II: Adventure of Link. The fourth level, Temple in the sky, is based on NES Kid Icarus.

Extended level
In the fourth secret level, Temple in the sky, right-click to destroy one of the top-right blocks, which is literally sitting out of place. Go through the hole to enter the only sidescrolling level in the game, which references various parts from Kid Icarus.

Alternate ending
Beat all the levels, except the secret ones, to get a different ending after completing Final Destination. All the outfits will be displayed here as well.

Alternate cursor
It's not much of a secret, considering it's written in the help file, is it? Press F5 to switch to the original cursor I created for the game.

Secret outfits
Your character will get special outfits in the secret levels, based on the game the secret level references. Beat a secret level to permanently unlock its outfits, allowing you to use them in the rest of the game as well.