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Hyper Princess Pitch - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Secrets and trivia
Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - Stage 4 - Stage X


The Brick cannon has infinite ammunition and pushes enemies back slightly. The Icethrower has a short range, but destroys small projectiles and deals slightly more damage than Bricks. The Rainbow laser bounces off walls, and also deals slightly more damage than Bricks.

Counter / Piledriver
While not firing, press either Up, Down, Left, Right or Up, Down, Right, Left. Pitch will enter a counter stance that blocks all projectiles, and piledrives any enemy or miniboss on contact. The only things you can't piledrive are the four main bosses. You can also move around while piledriving, and press the Fire button to throw the enemy. You can aim the throw left or right.

X marks

If you piledrive or throw an enemy onto an X on the ground, a hidden powerup will appear. Summoning the Goddess of Explosions (see Secrets and trivia) will also unearth these powerups.

These are dropped by enemies or appear in rooms when you enter. There is a 1/400 chance that any pickup dropped by an enemy becomes Hyper X, Hyper Y or Hyper Z. Additionally, the four Hyper pickups let you perform a sliding counter by pressing the weapon change button.

Apple: 25 points Triple: triples your shots
Orange: 50 points Power: powers up your weapons
Grapes: 100 points Catellite: fires bricks and protects you
Strawberry: 200 points Speed: faster walk and firing speed
Life: +2 health Hyper: Gold Brick weapon
Ice: +5 Icethrower ammo Hyper X: Tempest weapon
Rainbow: +5 Rainbow ammo Hyper Y: Deluge weapon
Catstrike: calls Catstrike Hyper Z: Cyclone weapon
Bowbomb: rainbow explosion    

Damage per second
This assumes that all projectiles hit an enemy.
Brick: 20
Icethrower: 24
Rainbow laser: 24
Power Brick: 40
Power Icethrower: 48
Power Rainbow laser: 57.1
Hyper (Gold Bricks): 32
Hyper X (Tempest): 134.4
Hyper Y (Deluge): 84
Hyper Z (Cyclone): 320

On the Goddess of Explosions difficulty, you'll earn roughly the same amount of points no matter which path you take through the stages. This assumes that you manage to destroy most enemies, though. Due to there being less enemies on lower difficulties, your score will more heavily depend on the path taken on those difficulties.