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Hyper Princess Pitch - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Secrets and trivia
Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - Stage 4 - Stage X


On the Goddess of Explosions difficulty, each boss will regain half of its HP and launch a "desperation attack" when first defeated.

Ultra Sleigh - 400 HP - 5000 points
Boss of Stage 1. You can shoot the Elf on top of the sleigh as soon as you enter the room, which will disable the boss's main cannon. You can also destroy the main cannon, which has 60 HP. The Icethrower is generally the best weapon to use here, since it'll block the boss's bullets.

In its desperation attack, the Ultra Sleigh will charge to the left and bounce around the room, dealing damage on contact.

Atomic Elf - 300 HP - 5000 points
Boss of Stage 2. It'll summon four Mega Turrets which must be destroyed first (but they won't award points). The spike barrier around the boss will then lower, briefly allowing you to attack it while dodging its rocket punches. You can also piledrive the Mega Turrets as they come flying down into the room.

Atomic Elf's desperation attack is to fire big green bullets in a counter-clockwise motion, so you need to circle the boss while taking potshots at it and dodging the yellow bullets.

Steam Annihilator - 500 HP - 5000 points
Boss of Stage 3. It'll draw closer to the left side of the room as its HP decreases, while cycling through different firing patterns. When it charges up the big rainbow laser, either move to the top or bottom side of the room, or try to counter the laser itself (in reference to Mischief Makers). Doing so will damage the boss and open a path to Stage X.

The Steam Annihilator's desperation attack is to fire big bullets directly at Pitch, and green bullets that block your own shots. Focus on avoiding the big bullets while moving up and down.

Mecha Santa - 700 HP - 5000 points
Boss of Stage 4. He will cycle through up to 12 different attacks, depending on the difficulty level - 4 on Trainee, 6 on Combat Lady, 8 on Battle Princess, 10 on War Queen, and all 12 on Goddess of Explosions. Additionally, on Battle Princess and higher difficulties, a bunch of Elves from the audience will join the fight each time Mecha Santa begins a new attack pattern. All of his bullets, as well as his hands, will block your own shots.

In his desperation mode, Mecha Santa will begin with Aurora Force, and then alternate between Arctic Thunder and Deep Freeze.

1. Multi Hand Storm: Stay on the bottom of the screen and dodge left and right.

2. Cowabunga: Stay on the left side and keep firing at him.

3. Double Dark Blaster: Santa will shoot two big bullets aimed at Pitch, then another two aimed where Pitch is currently going, and then another two aimed in a cross towards her.

4. Death Poke Storm: Stay on the left side and bounce Rainbow laser shots at him from above.

5. Giga Bomb Breaker: You can reflect the Giga Bomb by countering it, dealing 60 damage to Santa.

6. Legendary Charge: Stay in the lower middle of the room, firing straight up at Santa.

7. Wax On Wax Off: This one is hard to dodge on the higher difficulties. Stay at the bottom of the room, strafing left and right while trying to squeeze through the gap between the bottom-most bullets.

8. Death Metal Disaster Zone: Stay in the very middle of the screen, making small dodges left and right while firing up at Santa. The bullets always appear in the exact same pattern.

9. Grand Slam: Either move to the edge of the room to dodge the bullets, or stay right in front of Santa and counter both waves at once, then keep firing at him.

10. Pew Pew Salsa: Much like Multi Hand Storm, focus on dodging left and right.

11. Flattening Punishment: He'll move towards Pitch's horizontal position while bouncing up and down the room. Lead Santa in one direction and then turn around, passing under him while firing up.

12. Dark Wave: A fairly short attack. Just focus on maneuvering between the gaps in the bullets.

13. Aurora Force (desperation): Simply dodge to the left or right, or if you're feeling bold, enter the counter stance immediately before Santa fires his attack.

14. Arctic Thunder (desperation): Ignore Santa while dodging left and right; you'll have a better chance of damaging him during Deep Freeze.

15. Deep Freeze (desperation): The ice shards in this attack always follow the exact same pattern. First dodge or counter the shards, then move in to shoot at Santa as soon as you have the chance.