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Hyper Princess Pitch - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Secrets and trivia
Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - Stage 4 - Stage X


Summon Goddess
While not firing, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right to summon Pitch's mother, the Goddess of Explosions. This can only be done once per playthrough. The Goddess will wipe out the enemies in the current room, including those who haven't appeared from the enemy entrances yet, but you'll earn no points for those.

When performed in a boss room, the Goddess will deal half of the boss's total health in damage, or instantly destroy any boss in its "desperation mode".

The input for this secret, referencing the Konami code, is itself a "brick joke" related to Iji 1.6's secret message about referencing old cheat codes. Speaking of which...

Cheat codes
Type these with the keyboard during play. Entering a cheat code, with the exception of RGXCES, will set your score to "CHEATER" and unable you to get a highscore.

RGIOSA: Toggles invincibility
RGCATS: Gives 9 extra lives
RGFILL: Gives 99 Ice and Rainbow ammo
RGGIVE: Gives a random powerup (except Hyper X, Hyper Y and Hyper Z)
RGCELL: Makes all powerups last until the end of the stage
RGWISH: Skips a stage
RGXCES: Toggles serious explosions

reallyjoel's mom, but actually dad
Hold Right for ten seconds on the difficulty selection screen to unlock "reallyjoel's mom" mode. This is the same impossible joke difficulty as "reallyjoel's dad" in my other games, except that the pronoun is changed to match the other difficulty levels.

On this difficulty, there are several times as many enemies as normal, they spawn much faster, and even the regular elves will fire bullets. You get no pickups, cheat codes do not work, and the Goddess of Explosions cannot be summoned. While a player won't normally see it, even the bosses have severely beefier attacks.

A tool-assisted speedrun of this difficulty by Tseralith can be seen here! (If you've never seen a TAS before, it's basically played using save states and frame-by-frame input in order to create fast and entertaining game videos. They are a different kind of thing from normal speedruns.)

Princess Buster
While a boss is exploding, walk into it to perform a Princess Buster finishing move.


The guy getting blasted in the game's intro is Jeff from Man Enough, a game in Scrap pack 1.

Camila, the voice of Princess Pitch, also voiced her in Garden Gnome Carnage. In both games her voice is pitched up by 10%, hence the character's name. Also, Anastasia (voice of Goddess of Explosions) is the niece of Anna (voice of Iji).

Pitch's quips
When Pitch respawns or enters a stage, there's a 1/20 chance of her saying "Let's get dangerous" in reference to Darkwing Duck. And if you die twice in the same room, Pitch gives you a sarcastic "Whopee..." in reference to Garden Gnome Carnage. Pitch also has a chance of saying "not a chance" when piledriving an enemy. This is the exact same clip used for Ansaksie's voice in Iji.

High scorers
The default names on the highscore table all reference other games of mine.
HEL SARIE: A Tasen Elite in Iji.
BEAR MINER: The protagonist of Bear Miner, and Princess Pitch's father.
TETRON: Cruiser Tetron, the antagonist of the Hero games.
CAT: The cat from Garden Gnome Carnage.
RLYSHOOTER: Really Shooter, a protagonist from Really Shooter & Poor Mama.
SPACEVIPER: An enemy from Retrobattle.
ITTLE DEW: The protagonist of Ittle Dew.
WINTER GUY: A protagonist from Castle of Elite.
SPACE FACE: The spaceship from Man Enough.
TOSCA: A character from Strawberry Jam. Hyper Princess Pitch was released five years before that game, so it was a forward-reference, like the one in Iji.

Mecha Santa's attacks
Several of Mecha Santa's attacks are references - Cowabunga (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Giga Bomb Breaker (Gurren Lagann), Legendary Charge (Skies of Arcadia: Legends), Wax On Wax Off (Karate Kid) and Grand Slam (a sports term). All other attacks that seem like they could be referencing something were coincidences.

Mecha Santa's quips
Some of Mecha Santa's voices change during his desperation mode on the Goddess of Explosions difficulty. Instead of "Ho ho ho!" when you get a game over, he'll say "Evil will never triumph!". Instead of "Nooo!" when Pitch summons the Goddess, he'll say "No! No! Not HER!", and instead of "Ho ho nooo..." when defeated, he'll say "Oh well".

Another cheat code gag
The cheat codes all begin with "RG", as in Remar Games, just like the codes in Doom began with "ID" as in id Software.

Savefile poem
Unlike my other games, the savefile's checksum is not a number, but a 5-7-5 style haiku poem. In other words, the game reads the poem to check whether the savefile is valid. As I'm writing this, my savefile's checksum currently reads:
 Odd steeling encode
 Yon bowbomb cleans up firmly
 Mayor of crazy
 -The Pitch Savefile 1.0