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Hyper Princess Pitch - Official game guide

Introduction - Basics - Enemies - Bosses - Secrets and trivia
Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - Stage 4 - Stage X


Mecha Elf - 2 HP - 12 points
Mecha Santa's main workforce. On Combat Lady difficulty and higher, if Pitch lingers in the same area for too long, they'll begin jumping over her in an attempt to surround her. There's a 1/400 chance of an Elf being replaced by either an elite Elf, an Elfinator, or a Spacenörd.

Elite Elf - 32 HP - 12 points
Half as fast and unable to jump, but 16 times tougher. As noted above, they have a 1/1200 chance of appearing instead of a regular Elf.

Top - 1 HP - 15 points
As they move very predictably, they're only dangerous in large numbers.

Hatsnake - 4 HP - 25 points
They only move in straight lines, and there's usually a lot of them, making them easy to piledrive.

Bulb - 4 HP - 33 points
On Combat Lady difficulty and higher, every other bulb that appears will fire towards Pitch.

Toy Train - 4/6/8/10 HP - 20 points
Comes in four different colors. Green trains do nothing, blue ones fire regular bullets, red ones fire round bullets that pass through walls, and yellow ones fire homing bullets.

Elfinator - 10 HP - 99 points
Simply tougher Elves who can't jump. The Brick weapon will keep at least a few of them away.

Crawling Cannon - 16 HP - 150 points
They'll sit still for a while, then drive off and start moving along the walls. Their direction, and the time it takes for them to begin moving, is always the same for each individual Crawling Cannon.

Sleigh - 12 HP - 180 points
Destroy these fast, before they start swamping the room on the higher difficulties.

Wall Cannon - 12 HP - 200 points
These may fire regular or homing bullets, but are more of a nuisance than a threat.

Elite Sleigh - 16 HP - 250 points
These sleighs will pass through the room and exit on the other side, firing towards Pitch on Combat Lady difficulty and higher. They lead their shots to where she is headed, rather than directly at her, so walking in straight lines won't work when dodging them.

Mega Turret - 24 HP - 320 points
Their powerful bullets will block your attacks, and cannot be destroyed by the Icethrower. Try bouncing Rainbow laser shots off the walls to hit them.

Walker - 48 HP - 350 points
Quite difficult to piledrive due to their erratic movement. The color of their stripes - green, blue, yellow or red - indicates how powerful their weapons are. When they drop below 24 HP, they can no longer fire.

Heavy Train - 32 HP - 400 points
Green ones fire normal bullets, blue ones can shoot through walls, and yellow ones fire homing bullets.

Merry Doom - 48 HP - 777 points
They slowly sneak up on Pitch, dealing 4 damage on contact. Their movements may make them hard to piledrive.

Present Elf - 1 HP - 1000 points
These will wake up and fly away when you fire any weapon, so you need to sneak up to them before attacking any other enemies in the room. You can either shoot them at close range or walk into them, as they deal no damage on contact. When defeated, they'll always drop four random pickups.

Spacenörd - 1 HP - 10 points
The creatures from Spacenörd (a Scrap pack 1 game), in the form of wind-up toys. They appear in massive numbers in Stage X, but are so weak that your attacks will rip straight through them. Regular Bricks will destroy two Spacenörds each, while Rainbow laser shots will destroy six.


Stages 1-4 are home to three minibosses each, and which ones you'll face depends on the paths you take through each stage.

Sleigher - 24 HP - 2000 points
Little more than a Sleigh with more hit points. You can piledrive the spikeballs surrounding it.

Macho Elf - 32 HP - 2000 points
He alternates between jumping towards Pitch's current position and to a random nearby position. Take care of him before the other enemies get close.

Vortex - 8*9 HP - 222*9 points
Bounces around the room and fires at you. Just stay to the right and keep shooting at it and the other Bulbs appearing in this room.

Giant Top - 48 HP - 2000 points
It doesn't really do much, but will get in your way when you're trying to take out the trains in its room. Try to piledrive it immediately when you enter.

Heavy Armored Crawler - 32 HP - 2000 points
It races around the edges of the room, making it hard to shoot. Yet another easy piledriving target.

Elf Car - 96 HP - 2000 points
Each Elf that jumps out lowers its score by 12. You'll earn the remainder of its points whether you destroy it or it self-destructs, so just focus on surviving the enemies in the room.

Elf Saucer - 64 HP - 2000 points
There's not much to this thing - just shoot it. If you're aiming for a high score, destroy the Elite Sleighs in the room first.

Elimitator - 64 HP - 2000 points
Mecha Santa's own version of the Eliminator from Hero Core, it behaves in much the same way, flying around at random and firing a stream of green bullets that block your own shots. Be patient and keep away from him.

Gray Goo - 4*50 HP - 40*50 points
These annoying things pop out with increasing frequency as the battle goes on. A single Rainbow laser shot will destroy one.

Devastator - 80 HP - 2000 points
Built by Frilly Hat Elf, it's simply a Mega Turret on top of a Walker. It takes no damage from Pitch when she walks into it, but you can still piledrive it as usual.

Mecha Pitch - 80 HP - 2000 points
Another one of Frilly Hat Elf's creations, it'll pop out of the floor after the other enemies in the room have been defeated. Stay behind cover while firing at it.

Frilly Hat Elf - 80 HP - 2000 points
Donned a frilly hat and thus gained superpowers (in reference to Touhou Project). Frilly will cancel your current powerup when she appears, and each difficulty above Trainee will add another layer of bullets to her attack pattern. On the Goddess of Explosions difficulty, the best strategy is to stay diagonally right and down of her, to reduce the time that her strongest shots will block yours.