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Iji 1.6 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump


This list of bosses shows the same stats as in the unlockable weapon information in the game, but with strategies on how to beat them.
  The bosses generally move slower on Normal difficulty, but the rest of their skills and stats are the same unless otherwise noted.
  Click here (opens in new window) for a video of the bosses from Krotera to Asha 2 beaten on Ultimortal.
  Click here (opens in new window) for a video of Maximum Charge Tor beaten on Ultimortal.

1. Tasen Elite Krotera
Armor: 100  HP: 25
Weight: 9  Security: 25  Speed: 3
Height: 2.9 m
Weapons: Melee attack, Dual Machinegun, Rocket launcher, MPFB Devastator
Superweapon: Rapid-fire MPFB (2% chance of firing)
Voice actor: Erik Sjöstrand
Boss of: Sector 3
Not too difficult if you're prepared for the fight. The turrets that pop out of the ground sometimes come equipped with rockets on Hard, with an even higher chance of rocket turrets on Extreme. Kick the turrets into Krotera to deal 3 HP damage on Normal, 2 HP on Hard or 1 HP on Extreme. When he starts flashing, get on his other side to avoid the rapid-fire MPFB.

There are several ways to take him out quickly. Get a Buster gun with 25 machinegun ammo and an Attack of 4, and he won't even get to move. The Hyper pulse (Resonance detonator + Pulse cannon + Crack 6) and Spread rockets (Shotgun + Rocket launcher + Crack 5) are also pretty good. If it wasn't for Iji's mercy invincibility, Krotera's rapid-fire MPFB would deal 72 HP damage, which is nearly enough to take out a Komato Annihilator.

To avoid fighting Krotera altogether you need to keep the Tasen truce; see Sector 3.

2. Komato Assassin Asha
Armor: 200  HP: 8
Weight: 1  Security: 20  Speed: -
Height: 2.2 m
Weapons: Teleport, Laser daggers, Plasma cannon, automatic Resonance reflector
Superweapon: Raining laser daggers (2% chance of using)
Voice actor: Ola Holmdahl
Boss of: Sector 5
Asha behaves like regular Assassins here, being unable to dodge armor-damaging weapons. He also doesn't use the ducking stab move on Normal difficulty. Stand still and wait for him to appear, then retaliate with the Shotgun immediately followed by a kick (depending on his stance). If he dodges the kick, which is more likely on higher difficulties, he'll still take the Shotgun damage.

If you have the Plasma cannon (Pulse cannon + Shocksplinter + Crack 8) already, it'll make short work of Asha on Normal. He'll dodge it very frequently on Extreme difficulty though.

The Nuke (Rocket launcher + MPFB Devastator + Crack 9) defeats him instantly and nets you a Supercharge. You can even have the Nuke equipped and hold the fire key during the intro chat - keep holding it when the fight begins and you'll win immediately. Hold left as well and you'll be blown towards the Supercharge.

Defeating Asha here doesn't count as a kill, and the fight can't be avoided.

3. Komato Sentinel Proxima
Armor: 200  HP: 200
Weight: 1  Security: 40  Speed: 20
Height: 4.0 m
Weapons: Spread rockets, Rocket hail, Multidirectional Splintergun, Multidirectional MPFB, Plasma cannon, Tackle
Superweapon: Nuke (fired periodically)
Boss of: Sector 7
Proxima takes half damage from explosive weapons and is immune to armor damage. The exceptions are the piercing weapons CFIS and Velocithor (MPFB Devastator + CFIS + Crack 10), which deal full damage. Kicking Proxima into the electropads on the sides of the room deals 45 HP damage on Normal, 35 on Hard and 25 on Extreme/Ultimortal. You'll get your chance when it falls to the floor to charge the Nuke. If the Nuke hits you, you'll take 5 HP damage even if you're flashing after taking previous damage! The Suppression special trait will lower the damage to 4 as usual (thanks to Logan Drysdale for the correction).

One strategy for survival is to hang around the middle platforms and react to its attacks. Always assume it will fire the Plasma cannon next, and remember that Iji moves vertically very quickly. Jump to make Proxima pick up vertical speed and miss with its Plasma shots, or aim its MPFB into the ceiling, etc. Kick Proxima into an electropad when it falls to the floor, then lure it into the other one. The MPFB Devastator and Plasma cannon are good for moving Proxima around as well.

The terminals to activate the electropads power up again after Proxima's AI executes a certain numbers of orders. In order words you cannot simply stall by trapping it against one of the bottom walls with kicks - it needs to attack a few times, or at least attempt to attack. If it's is blown across the room enough, it'll lose its bearings and start canceling attacks.

Alternatively, bring an MPFB Devastator with 23 ammo and an Attack of 10. This is enough to destroy Proxima without using the electropads, which gives you a Supercharge. The Velocithor helps too.

If you're curious, jumping into the electropads deals 3 HP damage. Proxima is also mechanical and doesn't count as a kill.

4. Komato Annihilator Iosa
Armor: 200  HP: 400
Weight: 10  Security: 80  Speed: 3
Height: 4.7 m
Weapons: Destroy, Plasma cannon, Shocksplinter, Hyper pulse
Superweapon: Velocithor V2-10 (5% chance with HP over 200)
Voice actress: Annette Nielsen
Boss of: Sector 9
Keep jumping up at the ceiling lasers and walk across. Three strikes make the lasers go through the platforms to hit Iosa for 40 HP damage on Normal, 35 on Hard or 30 on Extreme/Ultimortal. Being hit by the laser yourself deals 4 HP damage. Activate the center terminal to pull out new platforms and reactivate the lasers. Avoid jumping through Iosa as she may grab you out of the air, dealing 3 HP damage.

When Iosa starts flashing, duck or get up to a platform; her Velocithor deals up to 10 HP damage. To drain her health faster, use the MPFB Devastator or Spread rockets (Shotgun + Rocket launcher + Crack 5) and jump out of the way immediately after firing. Of course, to do this with the MPFB requires a Strength of 10. Retribution (see Misc secrets) is also extremely powerful here - with an Attack of 10 it can take off at least 150 HP, if you activate it when Iosa's right on top of you.

When the Annihilator exoskeleton explodes, Iosa jumps out to bring the fight to the next stage:

5. Iosa the Invincible
Special armor: ?  HP: 1
Weight: 1  Speed: 16
Security: your Crack stat (-2 on Normal, -1 on Hard)
Height: 2.3 m
Weapon: Claws, Surge focus device
Supermove: Storm of death (chance of using: 20% on Normal, 40% on Hard, 60% on Extreme/Ultimortal)
Voice actress: Annette Nielsen
Boss of: Sector 9
With her light armor but powerful Nanofield, Iosa moves faster than most Komato, hits ridiculously hard and is impervious to all of your weapons. Her regular swipe and uppercut deal 3 HP damage while her supermove deals 9 HP. If you get too close to her corner of the room, she'll immediately use the supermove. Iosa's weakness is that throwing a strong Nanofield into hers knocks her off-balance - in other words, Iji needs to kick her when she's not expecting it.

Look at the "safe" arrow to know whether to walk left from her jump attack, jump over her supermove, or duck under her regular swipe. After ducking the swipe, stand up and kick her before she uppercuts. Keep kicking her until she hits the wall, at which point you'll have 10 seconds to crack her Nanofield. Be warned: you can kick her backwards 12 times on Normal, but only 9 times on Hard and 6 times on Extreme/Ultimortal, meaning you'll have to duck her regular swipe further to the right in the room. This in turn means you'll have to work your way to the right without Iosa hitting you. It only takes one successful crack to win, though.

Bring Ansaksie along to avoid having to kill Iosa yourself (see
Sector 9).

6. Komato Assassin Asha 2
Armor: 200  HP: 10
Weight: 1  Security: 20  Speed: -
Height: 2.2 m
Weapons: Teleport, Laser daggers, Plasma cannon, automatic Resonance reflector, Electromines
Superweapons: Megasmash, Plasma rage, Plasma vortex
Voice actor: Ola Holmdahl
Mid-boss of: Sector X
Asha appears again in the middle of Sector X, and again his reflexes are considerably faster on Hard, even more so on Extreme/Ultimortal. He also has some new moves, for most of which he uses several Plasma cannons continuously teleported in and out of his hand. Since he can't be skipped on Ultimortal difficulty (see Sector X), it makes him the toughest boss in the game for many players.

Asha can literally dodge everything, but would rather die than run from someone using a Shotgun or Buster gun - so these are the only weapons/attacks that can hit him. Stand still and wait for Asha to appear, then react appropriately. If he appears standing behind you, fire the Shotgun and duck. If he appears in front of you charging his Plasma cannon at chest height, fire the Shotgun and duck. If he charges the Plasma cannon at leg height, fire the Shotgun and do a short jump. When he appears in the center of the arena with a glowing fist (megasmash), do a high jump to avoid the shockwave. When he clings to the wall (plasma rage), duck under the plasma bolts. When he appears in the center of the arena holding a gun (plasma vortex), duck close enough to him not to get hit by the bolts, or do a high jump if you're feeling skilled.

After he's taken some damage, half-transparent afterimages of Asha start appearing. Just ignore them. Bring a Buster gun with lots of ammo and an Attack stat of 10 to this fight to win fairly easily. Also, his electromines deal 1 HP damage if you touch them.

7. Komato General Tor
Armor: 200  HP: 900 (Normal), 1050 (Hard), 1200 (Extreme)
Weight: 250  Security: 250  Speed: -
Height: 13.2 m
Height outside exoskeleton: 4.0 m
Weapon tier 1: Ragebomb, Tyrian claw, Ripper, Heavy stomp
Weapon tier 2: Arch devastator, Ultra shotgun, Zica burst, Fractal rockets
Weapon tier 3: Death hail, Eruption, Megamissile
Final Weapon tier: Charge, Nanostorm
Superweapon: Phantom Hammer
Voice actor: Erik Sjöstrand
Boss of: Sector X
Tor uses a specific pattern, starting with a tier 1 weapon followed by a tier 2 weapon, and then pausing. This is repeated three times, after which he uses a charged shot, then jumps away and performs a 3rd tier attack. The intended way to beat him is to use the Resonance reflector on his charged shots, whittling him down with other weapons in between.

Tor's tier 1 and 2 weapons each have five levels of power that slowly increase every time you dodge them. If you're hit by a weapon, he increases the probability of firing it, while the probability lowers again if it misses. Tor's weapons begin on level 1 on Normal, 2 on Hard, and 3 on Extreme/Ultimortal.

Of the tier 3 weapons, Death hail (blue lasers) and Eruption (fast red wave) have three power levels, which increase by 1 when they're fired. They begin at level 1 on Normal and never go above 2, while on Hard they begin at level 2 and reach level 3. On Extreme/Ultimortal they're permanently set to level 3.

If Tor has three chargeballs and his HP is over 750 on Normal, 825 on Hard or 900 on Extreme/Ultimortal, he'll fire the Phantom Hammer. It turns Iji into mist and completely wipes all of her stats - but can be avoided by doing a short jump over his shockwave stomp. If his HP is too low, he instead uses Nanostorm which fires a stream of exploding particles each draining 60 armor and hitting you for 3 HP damage if your armor drops below 0. Just keep moving to avoid it.

Tor is immune to armor-damaging weapons except the piercing CFIS and Velocithor (MPFB Devastator + CFIS + Crack 10), taking full damage from those and anything explosive. 50 MPFB shots with an Attack of 10 will take him down on Normal difficulty without the need to reflect anything.

If you fight Maximum Charge Tor (see Sector X), he starts out with 1200 HP and all weapons at their highest power level, plus he drops less Health pickups and releases two Skysmashers every time he lands. Surviving this on Ultimortal, where no Health is dropped and you're restricted to only the Resonance reflector, is perhaps the toughest feat in the game.

Here's a damage chart for reflecting Tor's projectiles:
Reflected chargeball: 83 HP
Reflected Fractal rocket (brown splitting rocket): 7 HP
Reflected Ragebomb (cluster bomb): 7 HP
Reflected Tyrian claw (spinning purple blade): 12 HP
Reflected MPFB projectile: 3 HP (modified by your Attack stat, the others are not)