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Iji 1.6 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump

Sector 8

Maximum enemies
Turret: 1  Scout: 0  Soldier: 0  Commander: 9  Elite: 12  Shredder: 0
Trooper: 21  Berserker: 10  Beast: 0  Assassin: 0  Annihilator: 3  Skysmasher: 0
Mach: 1  Rocket: 3  MPFB: 1  R.deto: 1  Pulse: 2  Shock: 2  CFIS: 1
Mach: 36  Rocket: 33  MPFB: 14  Pulse: 30  Shock: 22  CFIS: 34

A rather short and straightforward Sector compared to the last, mainly because I didn't want the player to have to redo too much if they made a mistake at the end.

Found near the array of cyborg stations, in the room above the second ventilation shafts.

Stand at (A) and destroy the glass, then either let the Komato Trooper throw you into the ventilation on the right with a Shocksplinter, or let him get very close and fire a Shocksplinter or MPFB Devastator into him to propel yourself across. You can also fire the Nuke (Rocket launcher + MPFB Devastator + Crack 9) to the left, but your positioning needs to be quite precise.

First let the Komato Annihilator (B) destroy the crates on his right by walking into them, then kill the Annihilator and all nearby enemies. Ride the lift up and destroy Annihilator (C) and all the enemies on the same floor. Drop down to (D), kill the Tasen Commander and open the door with a Crack stat of 5 or higher. Now go to (E) and kick the turret loose. Kick it all the way to (D), down the hole, then into the cubbyhole on the right with a picture of a turret in the background. The Supercharge will appear above.

Secrets + notable modifiers

Retribution logbook
After the Phantom Hammer cuts through the recreational area, drop to the bottom of the shaft which has filled up with debris. Go to (F) to find the logbook, which unlocks the hidden skill Retribution to the pause menu info. See Misc secrets for details. You can always perform it whether you've read about it or not.

At (G) there is a trapmine. You can use it in the room where the Komato ambush you to effectively halve the number of enemies. If you pick up the ribbon without having found the trapmine, Iji has a feeling that she's missed something, while if you already have the mine, she'll give you a hint on what it should really be used for:

Saving Dan
Plant the trapmine at the teleporter destination in front of Dan at the end of the Sector. This changes the following events so that Asha cannot complete his trap, and Dan lives through the rest of the game. It also lets you avoid getting the kill for the ambushing Komato Trooper.

Easter egg
When kicking the turret into the cubbyhole as explained in the Supercharge paragraph, a literal easter egg appears. Walk into it and Iji will comment on it. The turret-kicking secret refers to Hyper Turret Game, explained in a few logbooks in Sector 7.

Annihilator Beta terminal
Activate the terminal at (F) to unlock Annihilator Beta in Sector X. You'll be able to use it once you get there.

Kick the can
Use the vending machines in the background in the recreational area to produce soda cans, which you can kick around. You only get a few cans from each machine.

Sealed room
Right after the Phantom Hammer shot, you'll be unable to reach the shield door across the hole in the floor with just your kick. Use the Hyper pulse (Resonance detonator + Pulse cannon + Crack 6) to open it, though you also need a Strength of 3.

Piece of cake
At the start of the Sector, Iji says something different if she defeated Sentinel Proxima at full HP.

Story-changing details
Logbooks in this Sector and Sector 1 suggest that the Komato stole Nanotechnology from an extinct species they discovered relatively recently, and are still working on deciphering it. The word "Zentraidon" was coined by this species to describe self-annihilation through rapid technological and military advancement, which was their fate once they mastered their Nanotechnology. There's not supposed to be any morals or messages in this, just a way for the Komato to acquire a technology they don't really understand, since they probably wouldn't have been able to defeat this species in combat.


System Shock 2
A rather vague reference, the "recreation" area was based on Deck 5: Recreational in System Shock 2, what with the pool tables, basketball court and vending machines. There's no secret basketball in this game, so the turret head kicking was a substitute.