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Iji 1.6 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump

Sector 2

Maximum enemies
Turret: 7  Scout: 15  Soldier: 8  Commander: 3  Elite: 1  Shredder: 0
Trooper: 0  Berserker: 0  Beast: 0  Assassin: 0  Annihilator: 0  Skysmasher: 0
Mach: 1  Rocket: 1  MPFB: 0  R.deto: 1  Pulse: 0  Shock: 0  CFIS: 0
Mach: 52  Rocket: 15  MPFB: 1  Pulse: 8  Shock: 0  CFIS: 0

This Sector loops around on itself, leading to some tricky secrets.

After getting the jump upgrade, continue left and jump into the suspiciously spacious ventilation.

After jumping down this small shaft (A) and landing next to the Tasen Soldier, there are four ways to reach the poster beyond the cracked wall.
  1. Jump down to the left without crushing any crates, and shoot the barrel near the cracked wall with a Machinegun, Rocket launcher or Spread rockets, then jump back up and go into the poster room.
  2. Or with a Strength of 4 or higher, kick the Soldier down to the left. She'll shoot the barrel, blowing up the wall.
  3. Or lure the Soldier to the right of the platform, and run into her. While blinking and invincible, quickly fall down to the right and kick the explosive barrel.
  4. Or get your HP down so that one more hit will kill you, and jump down and kick the barrel. If the Checkpoint is still active, you'll be revived and can easily enter the poster room.

After collecting the Ribbon, you'll fall into a room with a Rocket turret to the left. Make it start shooting, and go to the right. Jump and get hit by a rocket in mid-air to be blown to the ledge above, reaching position (B). Go down the lift, jump up the slope to (C), and collect the Rocket launcher there. Go right and down, into the room with the teleporter destination and a broken wall (D), and blow the wall up with a rocket. Reach the Supercharge by jumping into the alcove to the left.

Secrets + notable modifiers

Rocket duck hunt
Near the poster, you can shoot down the birds outside the window with the Shotgun, Machinegun or Rocket launcher. The machine to the left keeps count of your score. You can also crack this machine, causing Iji to leave a message on it that overwrites the score display.

The rave
Enter this Sector by beating Sector Z from a new game file. The opening chat changes completely, and as Dan points out, Iji's ramblings are never mentioned again.

Alternate path
With a Crack of at least 3, crack the door at (E) to skip the rooms above.

Dan to the rescue
Someone told me that it was possible to lock yourself out of an important door (E) by failing to crack it so its security level rose (or not knowing about Nanofield reboot / playing on Ultimortal), then taking the lifts to the top of the Sector and teleporting back down. If you do this in later versions, Dan will tell you when it's happened and lower the security of the door to 1. Iji briefly comments on this depending on if she's seen the door yet or not.

Beef with Dan
If you go up to the door that you can either crack or open with a terminal (E), or go into the room with the Elite, Dan tells Iji that she probably can't handle them. Even if she's pacifist, this changes her jumping and kicking voices to their aggressive versions for the rest of the Sector. In the case of the Elite, you can keep Iji calm by pressing Escape to skip the dialogue before she gets angry.

Background spoiler
If you reach the end of the room with the Elite or the poster room, you'll see many Tasen ships outside, revealing to the player that there is more than one - but Iji can't see them from her position.

Early Rocket launcher
You find the first Rocket launcher in the game at (C). Follow the instructions for the Supercharge to reach it.


Duck Doom
The bird counting machine is a reference to Captain Goodnight's game Duck Doom.