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Iji 1.6 - Official game guide

Introduction - Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4 - Sector 5 - Sector 6
Sector 7 - Sector 8 - Sector 9 - Sector X - Sector Y - Sector Z - Misc secrets
Unlockables - Weapons - Items - Enemies - Bosses - Trivia - Text dump


This enemy list shows the same stats as in the unlockable weapon information in the game, but the descriptions are more focused on how to combat or avoid them. "Drops when cracked" means that the enemy is guaranteed to drop a certain ammo type if they're killed after having been cracked.
  Enemy speeds are lower on Normal difficulty, and they get better at ducking and reflecting on Hard, even more so on Extreme and Ultimortal. The rest of their stats remain the same.
  Tasen and Komato prioritize attacking each other over Iji.

1. Blit
Height: 0.1 m
Weapons: Nibble

A nano-based parasite. Since they're invincible, either run away or lure them towards other enemies. Blits prioritize attacking Tasen and Komato over Iji. The only weapon capable of destroying them is the Null driver (see Sector Z).

2. Tasen Turret
Armor: 200  HP: 1
Weight: 1  Security: 1+weapon
Height: 1.8 m
Drops: Nothing
Drops when cracked: ammo matching weapon
Weapons: Machinegun / Rocket launcher / Spread rockets / MPFB Devastator / Shocksplinter / Splintergun / Plasma cannon

Explodes when destroyed, unless they're kicked off their support poles. Turrets are predictable and not too dangerous, but be aware that they'll change direction and fire if you jump over them while they're charging an attack. Cracking a Turret powers it down and gives you some ammo. A single Resonance detonator shot or anything explosive takes them down, and since they're mechanical they won't count as a kill.

3. Tasen Scout
Armor: 100  HP: 1
Weight: 3  Security: 2  Speed: 2
Height: 2.0 m
Drops: 2 Nano
Drops when cracked: machinegun clip
Weapons: Machinegun
Voice actor: Johannes Helgesson

Scouts are slow to react and often retreat from enemies. Cracking a Scout will always kill it instantly and gives you a machinegun clip.

4. Tasen Soldier
Armor: 100  HP: 2
Weight: 4  Security: 4  Speed: 2
Height: 2.0 m
Drops: 4 Nano, machinegun clip, rocket
Drops when cracked: rocket
Weapons 1: Machinegun, Rocket launcher
Weapons 2: Machinegun, Spread rockets
Voice actress: Birgitta Johansson

Armed with rockets and capable of ducking projectiles, you'll encounter them up until Sector 7. They are usually as easy to deal with as they are to leave alone. Cracking a Soldier has a 50% chance to kill it instantly and will always sabotage its Rocket launcher.

5. Tasen Commander
Armor: 100  HP: 5
Weight: 6  Security: 5  Speed: 2
Height: 2.5 m
Drops: 8 Nano, rocket
Drops when cracked: rocket pack
Weapons 1: Melee attack, Rocket launcher
Weapons 2: Melee attack, Spread rockets
Voice actor: Miguel Nalvarte

Has a powerful melee attack and slow-charging rockets as their only ranged weapon. Keep your distance and there's not much they can do. Commanders, like all enemies with melee attacks or Resonance detonators, can break crates standing in their way. Cracking a Commander has a 50% chance to halve their current HP and will always sabotage their Rocket launcher.

6. Tasen Elite
Armor: 100  HP: 15
Weight: 9  Security: 6  Speed: 3
Height: 2.9 m
Drops: 16 Nano, machinegun clip, rocket, MPFB cell
Drops when cracked: MPFB cell
Weapons 1: Melee attack, Machinegun, Rocket launcher, MPFB Devastator
Weapons 2: Melee attack, Dual Machinegun, Spread rockets, MPFB Devastator
Voice actress: Annette Nielsen

They can't be knocked down, but can be stunned with rapid attacks to prevent them from firing. They're strong enough to survive an MPFB Devastator shot unless your Attack is 7 or higher. Like Soldiers and Commanders, you won't know if they come equipped with Rocket launchers or Spread rockets until they fire, or if you've just memorized the levels. Cracking an Elite has a 50% chance to halve their current HP and will always sabotage their heavy weapons.

7. Tasen Shredder
Special armor: 1000 (equivalent to 10 HP for a regular Tasen)
Driver weight: 4  Security: 5  Speed: 18
Shredder height: 1.8 m
Driver drops: 4 Nano, machinegun clip, rocket
Driver drops when cracked: rocket
Weapon: Machinegun
Driver voice actress: Birgitta Johansson

The only Tasen you can't outrun, but they're weak to kicks and anything explosive. Note that kicking the driver off is fatal and counts as a kill. If you're not strong enough and have no rockets, jump low and try to make them pass under you. Cracking a Shredder will instantly kill the driver.

8. Komato Trooper
Armor: 200  HP: 3
Weight: 6  Security: 5  Speed: 3
Height: 1.9 m
Drops: 8 Nano, pulse cell, shocksplinter shell
Drops when cracked: shocksplinter shell
Weapons 1: Pulse cannon, Shocksplinter
Weapons 2: Hyper pulse, Shocksplinter
Voice actor: Henrik Engström

The Komato have twice as much armor as Iji and the Tasen. This means that it takes twice as many attacks from armor-damaging weapons to make them lose each hit point, but HP-damaging weapons are still just as effective. Troopers can duck, but they often keep their distance to a target - fire projectiles when their backs are turned. Cracking a Trooper has a 50% chance to halve their current HP and will always sabotage their Shocksplinter.

9. Komato Berserker
Armor: 200  HP: 10
Weight: 8  Security: 7  Speed: 4
Height: 2.5 m
Drops: 16 Nano, shocksplinter shell
Drops when cracked: shocksplinter shell
Weapons 1: Resonance detonator, Resonance reflector, Shocksplinter
Weapons 2: Resonance detonator, Resonance reflector, Plasma cannon
Voice actress: Monika Mikucka

Can reflect projectiles, have a very short recovery time when knocked down, and explode when lethally damaged. They'll reflect Spread rockets and MPFB shots thrice as often as regular rockets and Shocksplinter, and are quick to use Resonance detonators in close combat. On higher difficulties where they reflect projectiles more often, the only really effective weapons for combating them are the CFIS, Hyper pulse (Resonance detonator + Pulse cannon + Crack 5) with a Strength of 8, Plasma cannon (Pulse cannon + Shocksplinter + Crack 8) or Velocithor (MPFB Devastator + CFIS + Crack 10). Cracking a Berserker has a 50% chance to halve their current HP and will always sabotage their heavy weapons.

10. Komato Beast
Armor: 100  HP: 1
Weight: 7  Security: 6  Walkspeed: 4  Runspeed: 8
Height: 1.9 m
Drops: 8 Nano
Drops when cracked: shocksplinter shell
Weapon: Body slam
Voice actor: Erik Sjöstrand

More of an annoyance than anything, these were originally Troopers who couldn't handle the combat drugs. They outrun Iji and jump over projectiles more often on higher difficulties, but have as little armor as the Tasen - a close-up Shotgun blast will blow them up if your Attack is 4 or higher, as will a well-timed Resonance detonator with a Strength of 7. Cracking a Beast will instantly kill it, but their self-destruct explosion will be pretty harmless if you do so, only dealing you some armor damage and netting you a shocksplinter shell. The problem is getting close enough to crack one without it noticing you.

11. Komato Assassin
Armor: 200  HP: 4 (Normal), 5 (Hard), 6 (Extreme)
Weight: 1  Security: 9  Speed: -
Height: 2.2 m
Drops: 16 Nano
Drops when cracked: large shocksplinter shell
Weapons: Teleport, Laser daggers, dual Plasma cannon, automatic Resonance reflector
Voice actress: Annette Nielsen

Since they teleport away when critically damaged, it won't count as a kill even if you hit them with a Nuke (Rocket launcher + MPFB Devastator + Crack 9) - a weapon they can't avoid. A single Nuke shot is enough, except on Extreme where you need an Attack of at least 2. Assassins only keep a small area memorized at a time to avoid teleporting into walls, and stop following you if you run far enough. Kicks and armor-damaging weapons can drain them one HP at a time, but their reactions drastically improve on higher difficulties. Medium-height jumps are punished by an upwards-stabbing move, while on Hard and higher they also use a ducking move that intercepts anyone trying to run straight forward. If you time it right, you can hit Assassins in between their rapid-fire Plasma cannons by standing up, firing the Shotgun and ducking back down. Cracking an Assassin has a 50% chance to halve their current HP and will always sabotage their Plasma cannon.

12. Komato Annihilator
Armor: 200  HP: 80
Weight: 10  Security: 10  Speed: 3
Height: 4.7 m
Drops: 64 Nano, large pulse shell * 3, large shocksplinter shell * 3
Drops when cracked: large shocksplinter shell * 3
Weapons 1: Destroy, Plasma cannon, Shocksplinter, Hyper pulse
Weapons 2: Destroy, Plasma cannon, Shocksplinter, Splintergun
Voice actor: Erik Sjöstrand

They can't be knocked down and never flinch from damage. After firing any projectile, they will always try to grab the closest enemy and "destroy" it, which deals 3 HP damage to Iji or instantly kills any Tasen. Try to keep your distance and find ways around them. In some cases, Annihilators can break down walls by walking into them, so never assume you are safe until you've reached higher ground. Cracking an Annihilator will always halve their current HP and sabotage their heavy weapons. If you're going to fight one, it's a good idea to begin by cracking it.

13. Komato skysmasher
Armor: 400  HP: 1
Weight: 1  Security: 25  Speed: 5
Height: 1.0 m
Drops: shocksplinter shell
Weapon: Shocksplinter
Scientifically engineered for maximum annoyance, they float around and fire Shocksplinter with fairly high accuracy. They can also fire along the ground, making the projectile kick up a red trail to signify that it can't be ducked. Their high armor makes them difficult to destroy with anything but kicks, the Resonance detonator or explosives - the former two will keep it from exploding. The only good things about them are that they only appear in Sector X and don't count as a kill when destroyed.

Special characters

14. Tasen Soldier Yukabacera
Armor: 100  HP: 50
Weight: 15  Security: 25  Speed: 6
Height: 2.0 m
Drops: large shocksplinter shell * 2, large CFIS cell, health * 10, scrambler
Weapons: Plasma cannon, Cyclic Fusion Ignition System
Voice actor: Miguel Nalvarte

The toughest nerd around, he's hidden away in Sector 6 and ready for anything. Moving and reacting much faster than other Soldiers, he's also heavily armed and has a powerful Nanofield. The easiest way to deal with him is to get a Health, Attack and Tasen stat of 10, then walking into him and firing the MPFB Devastator. He'll go down in three shots and drop the Scrambler. Note that he has full HP even if you're playing on Sudden Death Sector.

15. Komato Assassin Ansaksie
Armor: 200  HP: 5
Weight: 1  Security: 12  Speed: -
Height: 2.2 m
Weapons: Teleport, Laser dagger, dual Plasma cannon, Massacre
Voice actresses: Camila Dalence, Lisa Lenkel and Louise Stigell

She can only be seen in combat by a pacifist player, fighting alongside you in Sector 9 to distract Iosa with her attacks and random teleportation. Three peoples' voices were combined to make her voice samples. Along with General Tor she's the only Komato who can be seen standing nearly upright, and like other Assassins is actually 3 meters tall.

16. Human Anomaly (Iji Kataiser)
Armor: 100  Possible HP: 20
Weight: 1  Security: 1  Speed: 5
Height: 1.9 m
Skills: Air brake, Tech, Nanofield reboot, Retribution
Possible weapons: Melee attack, Shotgun, Machinegun, Rocket launcher, MPFB Devastator, Resonance detonator, Pulse cannon, Shocksplinter, Cyclic Fusion Ignition System, Buster gun, splintergun, Spread rockets, Nuke, Resonance reflector, Hyper pulse, Plasma cannon, Velocithor V2-10, Banana gun, Massacre, Null driver
Voice actress: Anna Ashabova

The character you control, silly. Wielding a rare Tasen-made Nanogun and reverse-engineered Tasen Nanofield, Iji's lack of heavy armor underneath the Nanofield grants her more mobility than most of her enemies, but sends her flying far from melee attacks and explosion. How the humans deciphered the basics of Nanotechnology so quickly still mystifies the Komato, who devote entire colonies to it - though most are not very notable, and the rest are probably paid in hot drinks.
  Unlike everyone else whose base damage multiplier is 1.0, Iji's is 1.1, meaning that her rockets deal 2.2 HP damage when her Attack stat is 1 and 4.0 HP when her Attack is 10. Iji is also the only one who cannot take HP damage in decimal numbers, and is damaged by her own explosives as if her base damage was 1.0.